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  • swinging-fender-saddles

    Swinging Fender Saddles

    Swinging fender saddle is an Australian stock saddle used all over the world for many different activities which demands long hours in the saddle and a more comfortable seat for...

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  • stock-whips

    Stock Whips

    Australian stock whips originates from the english hunting whip, and is used for mustering cattle. They are made of nylon or plaited leather with a stiff handle. The leather used...

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  • Australian Saddles

    Australian Saddles

     Australian stock saddles are famous worldwide for their comfort and durability, hence it is the preferred choice for riders who spends hours every day in the saddle. With their deep...

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  • lasso

    What to look for in a Lasso

    When asked to describe a lasso as well as what it is used for, most people would simply tell you that it is a piece of rope that cowboys and...

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  • ea-dressage-tests

    How To Score High - EA Dressage Tests

    How to Ride a EA Dressage Test & Receive a good score 1) Prepararation Make sure you sign up for a test within your abilities. Train with a dressage coach...

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  • bombproofing-a-horse

    Bombproofing A Horse

    The term bombproofing is used to describe the process of training your horse by the use of a logical plan to make certain that it is calm in situations where...

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  • Why Use  A Bitless bridle

    Why Use A Bitless bridle

    Benefits Using a bitless bridle can be very beneficial to both the horse and its handler. Some of the benefits include: The bridle being kinder on the horse since there...

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  • horse-rugging-temperatures

    Horse Rugging Temperatures

    ⋙ CHECKOUT OUR TOP SELLING WINTER HORSE RUGS FOR SALE HERE ⋘ Horse owners have different opinions when it comes to rugging your horse correctly for temperature, rain, humidity, sun and...

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  • 5 Facts You Didn't Know About The Waler Horse

    5 Facts You Didn't Know About The Waler Horse

     The Waler Horse is a horse breed that originates in Australia, and was recognised as a breed around the 1850s. They tend to be between 15-16hands and are often referred...

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  • horse-feed-to-build-topline

    5 Best Horse Feed To Build Topline

    There are a lot of mixed messages and controversy about what and how to feed your horse. It doesn't help that a lot of the big feed brand names are...

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  • horse-agistment-sydney

    7 Best Horse Agistments Sydney

    Centennial Park Equestrian Centre Photo: Horse Zone General InformationLocated in the heart of Sydney. You will have to pay premium pricing however you will get 5 star service with feeds...

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  • epsom-salt-for-horses-with-laminitis

    Epsom Salts For Horses With Laminitis

    There are a range of feeding techniques to avoid/eliminate laminitis in horses.Most recommendations involve buying expensive supplements for your horse, that have a million ingredients and heavily processed, so it...

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