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Syd Hill & Sons

Shop Syd Hill and Sons Saddles to a discounted price. Free Shipping on all Syd Hill orders across Australia. A range of models available in half breed, leather, synthetic, western & Stock Saddles. The Syd Hill Saddles are manufactured by the reputable brand Syd Hill & Sons. They gained popularity as they are handmade with focus on quality, and still available at an affordable price. The Syd Hill Saddles are famous for their comfortable half breed saddles that features swinging fenders, detailed engraving with an option of either synthetic material or buffalo hide leather. Fit: The Syd Hill saddles are known for their large poleys, that add security to the rider without making the saddle heavy or feel bulky. Comfort is another key component in the design, for both the rider and the horse. Finish: The stitching on the Syd Hill saddles is superior with even and thick thread that will last for years. The finish on the saddle is superior with supple leather. Once you have tried a Syd Hill Saddle its hard to go back to a standard stock or western saddle.