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Stock Saddles

Shop a range of stock saddles to suit your needs. Browse through saddle makers such as Ord River, Syd Hill Sons, GG Rider, Fitzroy, Fort Worth, Poley Saddles etc.
Available in both premium and basic models including swinging fender saddles, barcoo poley saddles with thigh pads, felt panels, poley stock saddles etc. Stock saddles are known for their improved rider comfort and they are suitable for both showing and trail riding.
We support Australian stock saddle brands that prioritises quality leather and materials. Choose between adjustable saddle trees (synthetic) to adjust saddle fit or fixed.   All our stock saddle brands come with a 20 day return policy - just send it back if it does not fit your horse and receive a full refund. 5 year Warranty supplied and a selection of materials are available such as synthetic, full grain leather, buffalo hide, fiberglass saddle tree, quality fittings etc.
Our Swinging Fender saddles comes fully mounted with fenders and stirrups bars. Free Shipping when you buy a stock saddle over $149.