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Breeches & Jodhpurs Australia

Shop Riding Breeches & Jodhpurs in Australia. We Stock Riding tights, breeches and jodhpurs. Jodhpurs Australia for horse riding, at a very affordable from $49 and up.

When you ride horses, the comfort and fit of everything you have on is important. If your pants are too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable, which takes away from the enjoyment of your ride. That’s where jodhpurs come in! These are comfortable, flexible and breathable pants that are a real must-have for any equestrian rider. ProHorse offers a wide and impressive selection of these pants, ensuring that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need and in a price that fits your budget. Our breeches and jodhpurs come in a selection of colors, cuts, styles and price points.

 Activewear Jodhpurs Australia

Let’s talk about the latest trend in riding pants. These come in a nice variety of colors including, white, black, tan and navy. These are a must have for any horse enthusiast. They offer a superior close fitting and flattering design while also giving you extra support and grip in all the right places. In fact, these are so stylish that you might find yourself wearing them outside of the arena too.

Excellence Breeches Australia

These are beautifully cut classic breeches. They have a wide waistband that is contoured for a better fit and best of all, belt loops. They are made with a soft, rich, high tech cotton that makes them stretchy, breathable and form fitting. They also feature a zip front closure, stylish pockets and stretchy ankles so they’re more comfortable in your boots. They also offer a thick, comfortable suede seat for added durability and a little extra grip when you’re in the saddle. These reasonably priced breeches come in white, cream, black and also an adorable collection of plaids.

 Diamond Grip Breeches Australia

These breeches are a little higher priced but well worth the extra money. They’re available in white, beige and black. They’re stylish, feature a 4 way stretch for optimal comfort, no matter how you move in them. They also offer extra grip with the silicone knee patches. The beautiful diamante details on a shimmery silver pocket trim will really help you stand out on competition day. 

High-Waisted Breeches Australia

Some riders prefer to wear high-waisted breeches, making them feel far more elegant in the saddle. They are currently offered in classic white or black. These breeches are very lightweight, come with a gel seat for added grip, and are a wonderful choice for summer.

Lycra Stretch Jodhpurs Australia

These fun, brightly detailed, ultra stretchy breeches are sure to make any gal smile. Not only are they lightweight and fun to wear, they also come with a grip gel seat, making them practical too! They’re available in navy with pink embossed details, making them a stylish addition to any girls equestrian clothing collection.

 Deluxe Dressage Breeches Australia

They are offered in a comfortable classic cut. These lovely breeches feature light, flexible, stretchy material for the utmost comfort and a single zip front pocket for style. These breeches are great, no matter what kind of riding you may be doing!

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of the styles of jodhpurs and breeches that ProHorse has to offer! Remember most are available in all sizes, for children and adults alike and fun colors that everyone will love.