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5 Best Western Pleasure Saddles

There is a jungle of western pleasure saddles available in the market. There are a range of brands, materials, designs available and it can be very confusing to know which one to go for. The prices also range a lot, you can get a decent second hand western pleasure saddle for about $500, and a brand new for up to $10,000. We have done the research for you so no need to look further!

First of All, what is western pleasure riding and what kind of saddle does it require?
Western Pleasure Riding is a horse discipline that looks to the untrained eye like 'normal western riding'. However it is a competition discipline that is looking for calmness, ease of movement and how relaxed the horse is. It is a sport that judges the different gaites and temperament, control of movement and conformation.
Keep the following in mind before ordering your saddle:
- Most quality saddles are made on order, hence it can take a month or so before you receive it
- Quality western saddles lasts a long time, you might want to check out second hand western saddles before you go ahead and buy one brand new (depending on your budget)
- Remember there is no right or wrong answer to what saddle to get, the best one will be one that fits your circumstances such as your budget, location, time and your horses conformation and back.

1) Forth Worth - Western Pleasure Show Saddle ($1199)

- Popular in the show ring
- Gorgeous Design
- Affordable
- Lightweight Fiberglass Tree
- Available in Australia
- Buy it Here

2) Blue Ribbon - Custom Made Pleasure Saddle ($5,000-$30,000)
- Recommended if price and time is not an issue
- Custom made to order
- Quality leather
- 25 years experience in the industry
- Premium pricing
- Based in the US (Take into account shipping time)
- Buy It Here

3) Harris Leather & Silverworks - (Phil's Pick Saddle 9 $11.895)
- Custom made saddles to order and second hand saddles available
- Premium Pricing
- Great reputation, very comfortable saddles
- Lots of options in terms of colours and detailing
- Based in the US (Take into account shipping time)
- Buy it Here

4) Circle Y - 1752 JULIE GOODNIGHT MONARCH ($2,535)

- Budget Saddles
- All ready to go, no custom ordering required
- Based in the US (Take into account shipping time)
- Buy it Here

5) Dale Chavez - (Price available on request)
- Custom Made Saddles
- More affordable options if you do want to get a custom made saddles 
(still be prepared to pay at least double of ready to order saddle of the shelf)
- Based in the US (Take into account shipping time)
- Buy it here