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Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre

What is Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre?
The Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre is one of the most prestigious and spectacular Horse Riding Schools in Australia. The school is composed of horses that are not only in a great condition but also very well trained. The staff at the facility are highly educated, proficient and kind and always willing to give a helping hand to any new visitors at the horse riding school. The horse riding coaches have sound knowledge in horse riding and many decades of experience in the field handling different types and breeds of horses.


What They Do
The coaches on site offer a variety of riding lessons to individuals in all levels starting with beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. They are competent enough to handle riders of all levels and give them the appropriate guidance and training to enhance and perfect their horse riding skills. Toddlers and elderly can also come along as the horse riding lessons do not have an age limitation. The facility is well equipped with all the equipment necessary to your needs. They also have adequate training personnel consisting of Australian Equestrian qualified coaches, coaches who are training to become AE qualified and other support staff. They take security and safety very seriously and as a priority which is why everyone in the training needs to be geared up appropriately in EA approved attire.

How to Get There
The Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre is located just a few kilometres from the city of Brisbane. The horse riding school is located within close proximity of the city as well as the serene countryside scenery which makes it not only strategically positioned but also a sight to behold. The air in Wattle creek is not polluted like many other regions close to the city but rather fresh due to the cool breezes and wind from the adjacent countryside. The location of the Wattle Creek Equestrian centre is the ideal definition of a perfect suburban area. Majority of the visitors to the school are amazed when they enter the school and realise that it has more than seven acres of land where they can blissfully enjoy horse riding.
Full Address is 28 Kays Rd, The Gap QLD 4061, Australia.