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Tekna Saddles

There’s no denying the importance of selecting the right equipment for your horse, especially when it comes to the saddle you use. But with so many different brands currently available on the market, finding a saddle that perfectly meets your needs can be confusing and frustrating. With that in mind, we’ve put together explaining on brand of saddles in particular, Tekna, in hopes of better helping you to understand whether or not Tekna saddles might be a good choice for you and your horse.  

Background of The Tekna Brand

Tekna was first founded in the year 2007 by a group of dedicated and passionate equestrian experts from around the world who made it their mission to create the perfect synthetic saddle. Their goal was to create a high-quality saddle that would be easy to care for and also simple to use.

Their first line of saddles, known as the A-line, was introduced in 2008. This high quality synthetic saddle, meticulously designed and crafted by a team of experts, was met with high praise. The success of this first line of saddles prompted Tekna to release another line of saddles (known as the S-line) just two years later. This saddle is popular for the adjustable polymer tree incorporated in its design, which allows the width of the saddle to be adjusted according to your needs.

Since those first two lines, Tekna has since expanded its production again, and now offers both more traditional leather saddles and hybrid saddles made of both synthetic materials and luxurious leather. And in addition to all of that, Tekna also offers a wide selection of specialty saddles to choose from. Today, we will be discussing their jump saddles, dressage saddles, and all purpose saddles.

Tekna Jump Saddles

Currently available in two colors (dark brown and black) and a variety of different sizes, these jumping saddles produced by Tekna are popular for both being easy to take care of and easy to use.

Generally considered a great choice for anyone who is just starting out in jumping (as well as for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with too much saddle maintenance), this saddle is made from high-quality PVC and features woolen padded knee rolls and panels. This saddle also possesses what is called an “Easy Quick Change Gullet”, which offers five different options for gullet width that you can adjust easily yourself.

 Additionally, this saddle is designed to be abrasion-resistant with anti-mold properties, so it really is an ideal choice if you want a jumping saddle that is both reasonably priced and easy to take care of.


Tekna Dressage Saddles

Developed with more dedicated riders in mind, the dressage saddles produced by Tekna are a fabulous choice if you want a saddle that is both low-maintenance and high-quality (while also remaining affordably priced).

These saddles are also designed to be resistant to abrasion damage as well as mold, and feature the same adjustable gullet feature as the jumping saddle. Furthermore, these dressage saddles feature latex/wool flocking that eliminates unpleasant lumps and bumps.


Tekna All Purpose Saddles

These saddles are designed to be very affordable while also offering utility and functionality for a wide range of riding activities. Made from the same high-quality materials as other Tekna saddles (making ti mold-resistant and abrasion-resistant) and also featuring the Quick Change adjustable gullet system, this saddle is a great choice if you want something that is cheap and easy to take care of but also durable and long-lasting.