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Syd Hill Stock Saddle

Product Overview:

Riding, training, jumping, and other demanding English horse activities are lots less taxing on the horse when there's a saddle pad between horse the saddle. Saddle pads are oddly shaped saddle cushions that take most of the force during riding training. For many horses and riders, they create all the difference and completely transform the riding experience. Most horse owners understand the employment and advantages of the saddle pad, which is why most of them hunt for the simplest saddle pads for horses once they shop.

If you're into smooth long trail walks, gaited horses are the most effective choice for you. Gaited horses are specially made for these thanks to their endurance. Additionally, they're very willing to be ridden even for an extended time. They also require less energy compared to other horses and that they can continue long journeys without much trouble. The most effective part is that they don't seem to be bouncy making it less stressful for the rider. But to form every journey worry and pain-free for both the rider and therefore the horse, the most effective saddle for gaited horses must be used. Horse’s backs have curved anatomy with a peak and a trough. This anatomy is why most saddles are curved; they're configured to suit the horse’s contours. However, in some rare cases, horses have flat backs, making it difficult to seek out the correct saddle for them. A unique reasonably phenomenon could be a case where a horse’s back is wider than usual. Again, most saddles are configured to suit the wide range of horses with relatively normal backs. Horses with wide backs would require special considerations.

Saddle pads are the cushions that you simply lay between a horse’s back and also the saddle. The padding helps to protect the horse against aggressive friction from the seat and similarly shields the saddle from the horse’s excessive perspiration. Stock saddle pads are all about comfort, support, and also the prevention of the slippage because of the sweat on the horse’s back. The subsequent may be a summary of the most effective Western saddle pads including the materials, features, and style needed to foster the simplest protection for your horse and saddle.

When a horse falls on or rolls a twisted tree, it can damage the saddle, this could anon cause issues for both the rider and horse but primarily it affects the horse first with back pain, swelling, and other potential severe injury. Panel problems is another complication that may cause extreme discomfort to the horse. A damaged or irregularly shaped panel are some things to appear out for. Other issues arising as a result of horse saddles include; Saddle not fitting the horse, saddle slipping to at least one side because of the asymmetrical body of the horse, an excessive amount of rocker on the saddle, inappropriate girths and plenty of more.

Syd Hill Stock Saddle Review

You can find many saddles for gaited horses and you may find it hard to settle on as all of them seem good and suitable. In this section, we are going to briefly review the simplest saddle pad currently available on the market and this is Syd Hill Stock Saddle.

This is the visit choice for peoples that are searching for a high quality traditional Australian saddle. Perfect for the rider that struggles to stay a decent position within the saddle because it automatically puts you within the correct line between head, shoulder, and hip and heel position. The saddle combines the advantages of a conventional English dressage saddle and a stock saddle. The stirrup bar is placed underneath the riders hips to avoid the 'chair position'.

Syd Hill & Sons saddles maker is thought for producing durable leatherwear and makes a specialty of Western & Stock Saddles. The Syd Hill saddle is one in every of our most sold saddle to this point. The Syd Hill Western saddle is additionally available during a synthetic material.

Syd Hill is one in all Australia’s best saddle makers and longest established saddle making families. When RM Williams was sewing boots and moleskins, Syd Hill was crafting saddles. Syd Hill combines five generations of saddle making craftsmanship with the most recent materials and techniques. They continue to be one amongst the simplest saddle makers around today and are truly one in all the enduring Australian brand names when it involves quality saddlery and horse gear.

The Syd Hill Western saddle may be a perfectly suited your horse. It’s a good choice when for brand spanking new or young horses. It’s light and thus benefits both the horse and its rider. It doesn't pose any risk mentioned earlier to the horse and caters for both horse and rider. The Syd Hill Western saddle product focuses on style further as comfort. The Syd Hill saddle was designed to not cause discomfort for the horse further because of the rider. Asides from providing comfort to the rear of the horse and therefore the butt of the rider, the Syd Hill Western saddle is absolutely affordable. The saddle is light and straightforward to hold.

This saddle’s skirt also fabricated from genuine skirting leather. It is lightweight and precisely short to permit you to own more contact together with your horse. With this saddle, you don’t worry about the distribution of weight because the stirrups have Blevins buckles for a fast change long. This saddle is additionally shock-absorbing. Additionally, to it, you may find its seat attractive and comfortable. It’s a suede leather seat padded with microfiber polyurethane. The stirrups are easy to regulate and also the buckles are weatherproof. The general material of this saddle is simple to scrub and maintain and it doesn’t need waxing nor oiling anymore.

The Syd Hill Western saddle Edition features interchangeable gullet plates available for you to alter the fit of the saddle yourself to fit your horse. If you're unsure of the way to fit the Syd Hill Saddle to your horse, give us a call or send us a message so we will discuss the way to get the simplest fit your horse. It's really quite easy!!!! Gel comfort seat provides optimum comfort for the rider. Five-year guarantee on the tree.

Quality leather and materials are utilized in the development of this saddle. The tree has an interchangeable gullet system and is roofed by a five-year guarantee. Ideal because of the ultimate top of the range pleasure riding saddle to competition saddle. Made up of strong, robust leather hide material, the saddle is beautifully crafted and assembled with a silver embellishment finish. Featuring a conventional solid Syd Hill tree, and fitted with a snug well balanced and well-padded seat. The normal Syd Hill tree provides optimum suited your horse combined with strength, security, and total comfort for horse and rider.

Syd Hill Stock Saddle is an excellent choice for show performance thanks to its features and appearance and a decent choice for trail walking thanks to its comfortability. Made with hand-tooled premium leather and studded with stones for a more attractive exterior. The seat is padded, providing support to not just your buttocks but your lower back yet. The skirt incorporates a rounded design that's meant to suit most horses.

Syd Hill Stock Saddle pad might not be ideal for top withered horses. It doesn't feature the qualifying notch or opening for the upper withers to go through. What it would be ideal for are short backed horses? The rounded edges are smooth so your horse might not have the irritation of rubbing of its hindquarters. Using this pad on your horse can go a protracted way to keep your horse safe and comfortable on trial rides and in barrel racing.

This pad incorporates a contoured spine that incorporates a wither relief notch and is reinforced with distressed leather. This is often a decent pad for horseback riding in rough terrain and is long-lasting during heaver work. You’ll expect some nice cushioning with this pad given its material makeup. Pure leather is sturdy and compact and might rise to a load of a rider and kit.

Most of its parts are made of synthetic leather combined with other materials for strength and effectiveness. The synthetic skirt and fenders are crafted from durable nylon and therefore the smooth leather seat is padded. This saddle is ideal for riders. The padded panels make it comfortable for the horse with no added risk. The high cantle and longer flaps make the saddle also suitable for flatwork.

It is also difficult to ignore its other features. It’s quick to change buckles, back flank cinch, nylon tie straps, pommel and cantle, and leather jockeys. The tree is created of rawhide covered bars and it's a drop dee rigging for all of your stuff. Without a doubt, this saddle is nice for riding and also the like.


Some of the features include:

Ø  Syd Hill Stock saddle in quality leather

Ø  Black and Superior Brown Leather

Ø  Sizes Available: 16inch and 17inch

Ø  Gel Seat for rider comfort and position

Ø  Comes with an adjustable tree to suit most horses

Ø  Popular Flocked filled Panels for improved comfort for the horse

Ø  Change the gullet when needed (Interchangeable gullet plates to allow you to change the fit of the saddle if your horse grows, or you decide to use the saddle on a different horse.)

Ø  Plain Flap

Ø  Secure seat

Ø  Silver embellishment coat

Ø  Clean Modern Design made to distribute the weight well

Ø  A thoroughly researched and tested design, the Syd hill brand has been around for over 5 generations, to make the ultimate saddle.

Ø  The Syd Hill Saddles are known for their affordable price and all Syd Hill & Son Saddles comes with a 5-year warranty on the tree.

Guide to Buying a Saddle Pad for Your Horse:

When you are going to buy a new saddle pad for your horses, you should watch out some important things during the buying process of pads.

1: The Saddle Design and Frame

Consider this fact the fundamental. The planning of a gaited saddle is sort of different from other saddles. A gaited saddle is usually shorter within the back part as gaited horses tend to possess a shorter back than the opposite types. It’s also better to settle on a saddle that gullet has an A-shaped frame. As for the skirt, it's important that it's shorter than the same old saddle skirt to permit the horse to maneuver without restraints. Finally, the panel should be steeper therefore the weight of the rider is going to be distributed evenly.

2: Materials

Various materials are utilized in making horse saddles. It might be made from leather, nylon, resin, wood, or a mixture of any of the aforementioned materials. Each promises quality, durability, and magnificence. You’ll choose any supported your preferences, but it's worthy to understand that a thinner material or construction is best. Thick materials tend to be heavy and should cause some pressure points. It’ll also hinder you from having a detailed skin contact along with your horses.


3: Flexibility

Another thing to contemplate is that the saddle’s flexibility. Comfort is one in every of your priority and you cannot provide it to horses if the saddle limits their actions especially at the rear. Gating requires sudden changes in movement and your saddle must be ready to bear with it.

4: Saddle Bars

As the saddle for gaited horses is shorter than the standard ones, the saddle bars should even be shorter. Basically, it's to push a stress-free movement among the horses and to avoid pressure points. They must even be durable enough to face up to pressure, and moisture.

5: Features

Different saddles have various features to supply. You’ll be able to choose saddles with or without horns, with D-rings, streamlined saddles, or those with rigging. Before getting too amazed by these, it's crucial that you simply understand what they're for initially.


Like what you've got noticed from the list of features we provided, in this pad we see all the given things that should be in a saddle pad. Gaited horses are really the simplest choice of transport as they're comfortable to ride. So reciprocally pleasure and luxury, they provide you while you ride them, choose this saddle that works best for them, too. Get this saddle that possesses the foremost important features, not only the looks.