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The Syd Hill Saddle

Are you in the market for a new saddle? Find out what the top 3 Syd Hill Saddles are here.

Syd Hill & Sons are a reputable saddle manufacturer that's been around since 1865. They are Australia based and pride themselves in providing quality syd hill saddles. Their popularity increases every year due to the longevity of the saddles (they will last you a lifetime) and the adjustable saddle trees that will fit any horse and the comfortable seats. These features makes the syd hill saddles the go to choice for a lot of western riders all over the world.

The different Types of Syd Hill Saddles:

Syd Hill half Breed Saddle


This design is the most popular amongst the Syd Hill Saddle range. It provides a unique fit as the underside is made like a western saddle and the top like a stock saddle.

Syd Hill Plain Flap Stock Saddle 


The traditional Syd hill Stock saddle with plain flaps was developed to allow riders to go through difficult terrain while still being secure in the saddle thanks to the poley knee pads. Syd Hill develops a modern style stock saddle that incorporates benefits from both an english and western style saddle to ultimately make the 'perfect saddle'.

Syd Hill Swinging Fender Stock Saddle


The swinging fender saddle possess the same benefits as the original Australian stock saddle. The swinging fenders is a new feature of the Syd Hill stock saddles, and they were developed to allow closer contact and give more freedom to the riders legs.

Where to buy a Syd Hill Saddle?

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