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Syd Hill Australian saddle

Syd Hill & sons have launched 6 new saddles in 2020 to further extend their economy collection. Syd Hill australian saddles are known for their durable material and comfortable fit. To reach out to a larger market and to make this brand more affordable Syd Hill & Sons decided to release 6 new saddles this year. The new australian stock saddles released are a success so far and top sellers this year. The new Syd hill Australian saddles released this year include:


⋙ Syd Hill Half Breed Synthetic (comes in both black and brown) ⋘
Very affordable at only $895. However it doesnt have an adjustable gullet so make sure your horse fits into a Medium gullet of 6'5". If not you may have to go for their more premium adjustable gullet australian saddle instead.


⋙ Syd Hill Swinging Fender (comes in both black and brown) ⋘
Another very affordable stock saddle at $895. People loves this saddle for its very comfortable gel seat. Keeps the rider comfortable for longer trail rides. The synthetic material also makes it slightly more lightweight than its leather brother. 


⋙ Syd Hill Synthetic Stock Saddle (comes in both black and brown) ⋘
A traditional Stock saddle design that also retails for $895. A lightweight and afforable Australian stock saddle. A great choice for anyone who prefers the tradional stock saddle fender design. It has a medium 6 inch gullet to fit most Quarter horses. Also great for short backed horses.



⋙ Syd Hill Premium Swinging Fender (comes in brown only) ⋘
A Stunning saddle for anyone who wants to invest in a leather australian saddle. It retails a bit more ($1895) due to its leather material and quality fittings. It is slightly heavier than the synthetic syd hill stock saddles but still a great choice for anyone needing a saddle with an adjustable gullet. Gullet can be set to narrow, medium/narrow, medium/wide, wide, and xwide. You can do it all at home and all gullet plates are included in the purchase.



⋙ Syd Hill Premium Signature Half Breed  (comes in brown only) ⋘
This is the most premium stock saddles sold by Syd Hill & Sons to date, it retails $3995. This saddles is MADE IN AUSTRALIA by Paul Hill. This saddle is all about quality and fit, made with the finest leather and polished brady oxbows.