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Panacur For Horses

What Is Panacur?
Panacur is a medication that is prescribed by veterinary doctors as a medication to treat parasite infestation in horses like the presence of hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and roundworms. The drug can be injected into the animal’s body in two ways; the first is when the animal is given the panacur for horses orally and the second method is when the drug is added to a small portion of the animal’s food. Once you purchase the drug the veterinarian will provide the horse owner with instructions on how to administer the panacur. If you have the medication and are not sure how you much should give your horse, it is to always advisable to contact your veterinarian. More often than not panacur for horses will need to be given for several days in a row.
Panacur For Horses
Panacur for horses is mainly used in situations when the horse is infested with parasites or diseases such as small strongyles, pinworms, large strongyles and ascarids. Panacur for horses is an ideal treatment that is suitable for miniature horses, underweight horses, thin horses, pregnant mares, foals and even older horses. The medication is also suitable for use in a farm that has more than one type of animals or other domestic pets as well. The FDA has approved that only the larvicidal dose should be used on animals irrespective of the intensity of infestation or stage the parasites are in. Many horse owners more often than not prefer to use panacur for horses in treating ascarids or roundworms in young horses. Panacur for horses is very effective as compared to other treatments and might be an effective cure for animals who have previously been diagnosed with resistance to fenbendazole.

Panacur for horses is an effective antiparasitic treatment as it inhibits energy which is required in the metabolism inside the parasites. Prior to the administration of this treatment a veterinarian should be consulted in order for them to make an accurate diagnosis. It is only after the diagnosis that the veterinarian should prescribe the most ideal control or treatment method. The panacur for horses should however not be used to treat horses that are meant to be consumed by humans. The manufacturers care label which gives instructions on the ways to administer it and the necessary precautions that should be taken needs to be read in advance. The medication comes in a box each containing five syringes with a capacity of fifty seven grams.