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5 Reasons to why you should use a Micklem



The Micklem Bridles has taken the equestrian world by storm, and is now used in a range of disciplines including Show jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and every day trail riding. It is a diverse bridle with various benefits. ProHorse have conducted a list of the top 5 reasons to what benefits the Micklem Bridle’s brings:

1) Pressure distributed over the horse’s head

The noseband on the Micklem Bridle is designed in a way that the pressure on the nose is distributed between both the upper and the lower strap. However, on a regular flash noseband - the pressure all sit on the lower part of the nose, increasing the pressure as its confined to one area. The fact that the noseband is all connected to the headpiece also assists with distributing any pressure evenly over the head, rather than pushing in one spot – which eliminates rubbing and pressure sores.

 2) Improved comfort for the horse

With the new anatomic shaped headpiece (see photo) and soft leather, sensitive horses usually very much appreciate the bridle as it has proved to calm headshaking horses and that have difficulties to find a steady contact to the bit.

3) Ease of use – less straps

The fact that the bridle is all connected from the headpiece to the noseband, with no throat lash (which doesn’t bring any value to the standard bridle) makes it very easy to put on and off and bring along to events without the straps getting tangled up.

 4) Avoids mouth gaping

Some horses have issues with not keeping their mouths steady and closed. The lower noseband strap on the micklem bridle assists with this as it closes just underneath the bit.

 5) Clean sporty design

Last but not least, the gorgeous design. The modern sporty look of the bridle has made it popular all over the world in a range of disciplines. It is diverse and affordable and is used by every day trail riders up to riders in the Olympics.



In conclusion, we recommend the Micklem bridle for anyone that has a sensitive horse, a horse with a sensitive mouth, a horse that finds it difficult to keep a steady contact. Or just for anyone that wants to be a part of the future of horse riding gear and believe in new innovative design to improve the user experience for both the horse and the rider.

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