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Mexican Riding Blankets

Origins Of The Mexican Riding Blanket
The Mexican blankets have been used for an array of purposes such as work out mats, camping, playing and riding blankets just to name a few. Originally the Mexican blankets were used on the saddles of donkeys and horses and they are still today popular amongst donkey owners. The price of mexican riding blankets can vary a lot, some cheap Mexican riding blankets are available at prices that are easy on the pocket and very affordable. The prices of the riding blankets vary depending on factors such as the material used in the construction and the pattern imprinted of the fabric.

Patterns & Materials Of Mexican Riding Blankets
The Mexican riding blankets have been constructed in a manner that makes them very tightly woven. They are made in a substantial size which makes it a comfortable fit to fit perfectly on the horse’s saddle. The standard size of the blanket is about 76cm by a 152cm. The material that has been used in the construction of the riding blankets is very durable and long lasting. The riding blankets will therefore be resistant to tear and wear for a very long time to come. Mexican riding blankets are available in a variety of patterns as well as colours such as purple, blue, burgundy and turquoise. They are known for their think striping with some minor detailing. They can sometimes be mistaken for a navajo pad.

Our Colourful Mexican Riding Blankets
The colourful Mexican riding blankets we offer are tightly woven in a One size fits all design. It is designed to be used with a western or stock saddle. These colourful Mexican riding blankets are available in various colours ranging from Turquoise, blue, purple and burgundy. The major stockist of these Mexican riding blankets is the Fort Worth who are also the manufacturing brand responsible for them. mexican-riding-blankets

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