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Libran - The Horse

Background Libran The Horse
Libran is young racehorse aged seven years old. The horse was born in 2011 on April 6. This horse belongs to the gelding breed originating from the mare of Sadler Wells. Libran is owned by Highclere Thoroughbred Racing Australia Ltd. The training of Libran was done at the Gold coast by C J Waller. Prior to the Sydney Cup in April this year Harry Herbert had high hopes and expectations about the performance of Libran which turned out to be true. He is the horse’s syndicator and has continuously managed to create a reputable profile in the southern hemisphere for Highclere Thoroughbred. Harry Herbert is the managing director and chairman of Highclere. Libran had been initially pulled out of the eight hundred metre race by Bretnon Avdulla who felt the horse was not in good shape to finish the race and later on it was discovered that the horse had become lame mildly. This was the second time when the horse was participating in the Sydney Cup since during the initial race the horse was cancelled out of the race due to taking a straight turn while the jockey was in the middle of the track. The previous year Libran was in second position at the Gallante in the cup for 3200 metres so everything seemed to be falling back in place for Libran. The Libran horse is in perfect physical condition. The horse does not appreciate being in a wet track. Since he attained the Cup rival Auvray in March among the Group Three Sky High Stakes he has not been in any other race.

The Libran Horse Today
So far in the racing career Libran horse has managed to start thirty three races of which he has won nine. The most recent win occurred several months ago when he finished in the twelfth position on the 14th April 2018 during the 3200 metres Sydney Cup. If you place your stakes in Libra it is almost guaranteed that you will win. Herbert’s company is involved in the relocating of horses in Australia and so far he says the money achieved from the prizes makes the task easier. Since the horse began racing it has been able to accumulate funds amounting to more than 1.2 million dollars. The horse has also had the privilege of participating in two million dollar races which is a huge deal. Such opportunities do not come in many places and not for many horses either.