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Your Guide To Ktrials Event Management

Ktrials Event Management is an sports & event website where riders and organisers can post and register for events related to the equestrian industry. The business is based in Melbourne Victoria and was founded by Bill Penrose. It is widely used throughout Western Australia today however it took Bill 10 years for the market to accept the idea as people first thought 'computer were a bad idea'.

How it Works

The website allows event organisers to upload pdfs, information, start lists, scoring and any special requests onto their platform. Riders can then sign up for events at their website, and pay for their entry to lock their spot in. It is a streamline straight forward process for event organiser to setup and event hence it is the go to website for all WA EA Events. Any start list notifications or extra information added can be sent to each riders email if required. Entries can also be refunded if cancelled. All previous an currents events are posted on their events page:


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