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How Much Banamine To Give A Horse Orally

Banamine Paste is used to lessen pain and inflammation in a horse, usually related to musculoskeletal issues. There are risks related to giving horses IM shots, hence some people choose to give banamine to horses orally. The paste can sometimes also start working faster when given orally (around 30 minutes). The anti-inflammatory effects makes it a common use for treatment of colic horses.



  • Once Per Day Dosage - 0.5mg flunixin per lb horse body weight.
  • One 30g syringe of Banamine equals 1500 mg flunixin.
  • One syringe will treat a 1000-lb horse once daily for three days, or three 1000-lb horses one time.  (500mg flunixin per dose)

Word of Advice:

- Wash you horses mouth out afterwards or give them some wet feed to that the paste doesn't stay in their mouth (and cause ulcers etc) 
-If your horse is not fond of the paste, try to give them a whole apple first that will keep their mouth open for a couple of seconds (and you can sneak the paste in)
 - Make sure you always speak to your vet before giving your horse banamine paste