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What to Look For in A Horse Paddock Fertiliser

Most Popular Fertilisers
The most popular fertilisers to use in a horse paddock are the organic based fertilisers. Throughout Europe, North America and Australia the organic based fertilisers from various brands have been the first selection by many horse owners for almost five decades now. Horse owners are always on the look for the most ideal methods to maintain their horse paddocks in good condition, while keeping their horses safe. The best organic fertilisers to use in your horse paddock should be one that does not have any side effects on horses, has nutrients in balanced portions and is efficient to work naturally.
The perennial pasture mix are another type of horse paddock fertiliser that a horse owner should consider purchasing. The pasture mix is a two in one product. This horse paddock fertiliser contains micronutrients that have been combined with perennial grass seeds known as elite cultivar and a high quality blend of the NPK fertiliser. This paddock fertiliser makes it easy to put the seeds in the paddock as well as the fertiliser since they are combined. When applied in the paddock this type of fertiliser will result to the growth of superior quality forage where the animals can be grazed.

What To Look Out For
The most ideal horse paddock fertilisers will be able to last longer than the expected lifespan of a regular mineral fertilisers. When the paddock fertiliser is properly selected it has the ability to become much more effective than the mineral based fertilisers. Growing of high quality grass in your horse paddock can be very beneficial as you can save more than three hundred pounds that could be used on supplementary diets. The components of the two in one perennial mix include two kgs of coated perennial pasture seed mix, Rhode grass, panic grass, giant Bermuda grass and kikuyu grass. When applied to the horse paddock the perennial mix can greatly minimise the amount of supplementary diets needed by the horse owner since there is a constant supply of green feeds.

The paddocks that were initially deemed as run down can be transformed into profitable and productive pastures. The soil erosion risk will be greatly minimised in summer since the pasture will provide soil cover all year round. The animal will receive health benefits that are long lasting due to the constant supply of fresh and green feeds. Make sure you store your fertiliser under dry conditions in a cool place that does not get sunlight directly.