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Horse Agistment Rates

Finding affordable horse agistment can be a nightmare. We have broken the process down for you and have information on how to find the hidden treasures. The cheapest area to agist in is in the country side. Depending on what you want to do with your horse, and how picky you are, these are the general rates you have to pay:

1) Full Board Agistment at 5 Star Equestrian Centre

Full Board agistment usually includes:

  • 2 hard feeds 
  • Hay
  • Stable at night
  • Individual paddock during the day
  • Safe fencing
  • Rugs on/off
  • Letting in/out in the morning and at night
  • Quality arenas
  • washbay
  • Access to instructors
  • Vet/Farrier attending regurarly

Cost: Anything between $140-$300 per week depending on what area you are in. This service is typically used by people who keep their horses in full work and compete regurarly.

2) Part Board

Part board usually includes:

  • 1 feed per day or you supply all feed
  • You let horse in and out
  • Individual or shared paddock
  • Water hose
  • Rugs off in morning (you do all work in pm)

Cost: $60-$160 depending on the facilities at the agistment centre. This service is usually used by people who live close to their agistment centre and have time to look after their horse on a daily basis. It is suitable for students etc as it is not as expensive.

3) Full/Part Board Rural Area

 As soon as you get out of the city areas agistment rates dropps significantly. They tend to be at least 15-20% cheaper in the less popular areas. It could be worth the extra drive to save you that extra cash!

4) Spelling Agistment

 Spelling agistment is for anyone that is not planning on seeing their horse regurarly. It is usually for young horses, retired horses, or when the owner goes travelling. It usually includes:

  • Shared large paddock
  • No hard feed
  • grass fed or possibly hay
  • Checked daily

Cost: Spelling agistment is much more affordable and it costs anywhere between $20-$70 per week.

5) Pay your agistment off with Stable Duties

Some equestrian centres offers discounted agistment rates provided you help with stable duties such as mucking out, sweeping, feeding, rugging, etc.

Enquiry with you equestrian centre directly if this would be an option.