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Horse Agistment Prices

Horse agistment prices

The horse agistment prices vary depending on the various aspects such as the size of the paddock and the amenities available in the agistment facility. The prices for the large paddocks which is shared by several individuals is much cheaper as compared to the smaller individual paddocks. The individuals in the shared paddocks might end up paying slightly less than those individuals in the individual paddocks all of them are cost sharing. The agistment costs are inclusive of the daily cleaning of the paddock, daily training of the horse, cleaning of the rugs, fly masks, riding blankets, regular cleaning of the horse and saddles.

Horse agistment Prices

The average price charged for horses in a large sharing paddocks is about $25 or less while the individuals in the individuals paddocks is about $30 For individuals who want their horses to stay in a much more sophisticated accommodation they might consider the private paddock which is very spacious and consists of about four acres of land. Any horse owner who goes for this option will have to part with a sum of about seventy dollars or every other week. In a month individuals in the shared paddocks will spend an average of a hundred dollars on agistment fees while those horse owners with horses in the individual paddocks will have spent a hundred and twenty dollars on the same. For individuals with a tight budget the shared paddock might be an ideal choice as it lets you put back the extra twenty dollars you could have used in the individual paddock back in your pocket. For the individuals who want their horses to live luxuriously on the private paddocks the total monthly expenses spent on agistment fees will be two hundred and eighty dollars.

These prices vary depending on the agistment facility and where it is located. Some facility are very cheap and affordable while some cost a small fortune. The amount paid per week or on monthly basis might be inclusive of the accommodation and all the other activities such as feeding, cleaning and training or it might be exclusive depending on the facility. Some agistment facilities offer comprehensive services at a rate that will not leave a hug dent in your bank balance while some offer few services at a very high rate. The location at times play part in determining the cost charged, the facilities adjacent the main outlets or at the heart of the city might have higher prices as opposed to those that are many miles away from the towns.