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English Saddle Seat Size Calculator

Shopping for English Saddles can be confusing, as you need to be able to fit both you and your horse. We recommend you start figuring out what seat size you need as a rider, and you can then start shopping around for a suitable gullet size and fit for your horse.


Upper Leg Measurements

When sitting tall in a chair, measure the length between the start of your knees to the end of your glute muscles.

Rider Hips

 If you are overweight or got a larger than normal seat, we recommend you to go up one size from what the seat size calculator gives you above.

Rider Height

 Having long legs is a blessing and a curse as a horse rider, as you can reach around your horse more easily, but most saddles are designed for 'normal height' riders. If you are skinny with long legs we recommend the passier saddles. They tend to fit most riders.

If still in doubt, try the english saddle seat calculator below. Once you have established your seat size needed, you can find our guide on how to measure a english seat saddle here.