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Bitless Bridle Reviews

There are a range of bitless bridles available in the market, and it can be confusing to decide which one to choose based on its quality, effectiveness, pressure-points and price. We have done the testing for you to save you the trouble of ordering the wrong bridle for you. 

Side-pull bitless bridle


A sidepull bitless bridle is one of the most common models of bitless bridles. They are effective and soft on the horse, and the extended  reins that go under then chin of the horse makes it effective while its still not harch on the horse. They are sometimes referred to as a cavesson bridle. You don't tend to need as much contact riding with a sidepull bitless bridle as horses are usually able to relax in one, while still staying sensitive.

- Very effective
- Suitable for sensitive horses
- Easy to use and stearing

- Not that many brands/models available
- Not approved for all competitions
- Might not be effective enpough with horses that are less sensitive and used to having a bit in their mouth (they may be more difficult to stop)

Western bitless bridle


A western bitless bridle are perfect for trails, reining, pleasure or showing. It is develoepd in a way for the horse to respond and pressure and seek release. It is a bit 'stronger' than a sidepull bridle because of then rope with two knots that are strategically placed. 

- Very effective for stopping and turning
- A quality western bridles will last you for years
- Approved for most western showing classes

- Tend to be a bit more pricey (because of its quality fittings etc)
- Not suitable for riders with heavy hands or beginners, the rider needs to be very light.

Rope bridle


A rope bridle is not to be confused with a western rope halter. The western rope bridle has got two side rings to connect reins onto, otherwise they are pretty much identical to a rope halter.

- Very affordable
- Lightweight
- Durable material that be used in all weather (bring it to the beach if you want or ride in the rein)
- Available in most colours
- Easy simple design but still effective

- Design a bit 'dull'
- Not suitable for showing
- Less effective for turning/stopping than the other models 

 Hackamore Bridle


A hackamore bridle is a very common bitless bridles amongst the english style riders. With the cheek chain it is a very effective bridle, however quite strong so should not be used by beginners that struggle with their balance.

- Approved for most competitions
- Widely accepted bridle 
- Available in most horse shops
- Can be used with or without chain
- Affordable

- Is too strong for some horses, (some horses react badly on chain).
- Some horses can be more difficult to stear in a hackamore
- Not approved for dressage competitions