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Arabian Horse Weight

Different breeds of horses weigh differently based on factors such as the type of breed, the gender of the horse, the condition of the horse and the length of the its body. The weight of the horse is very essential as it will have an impact on the types of activities the animal can indulge in. for instance when it comes to racing the average weight for race horses are about 500 kilograms. Small ponies can weigh around 200 kilograms while in the case of 16hand draught breed can weigh up to 850kgs.  Rather than just observing the physical appearance of the horse in order to determine its weight there are other methods that can be used. The visual measurement usually indicates whether the animal appears healthy, malnourished or obese. The weight of the horse can be used to determine whether it is healthy or not.

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Arabian Mare Weight
The Arabian horse is one of the oldest horse breeds and have existed for many centuries. The  horse is fine-boned, petite with a tiny muzzle and a elegant face. Their skeletons have lesser rib bones, vertebrae tail and lumbar bones as compared to the other breeds which gives them their distinctive silhouette. As a result of this minor changes in their physical building the Arabian mares have necks that are arched in an angle that is more upright that all the other horse breeds.

Their movements are nothing short of refined and graceful as a result of their smooth flowing gaits. The horses are available in an array of colours ranging from gray, roan, chestnut and black. The eyes in all the different colours have eyes that are surrounded by a dark colouring. Weight in horses vary tremendously based on the type of breed. The weight of the Arabian mare is therefore very different from that of young Arabian fouls or the Arabian stallion. The average Arabian horse weight ranges between about 350 kilograms to 450kgs.  

Arabian Stallion/Gelding Weight
The average Arabian stallion or gelding weight ranges between about 370 kgs to 460 kgs. The Arabian geldings or stallions are heavier than the mares, but only with a few kilos. The average weight for the females is about 440kgs while that of the male is 455kgs.