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Arabian Horse Names

Common Arabian horse Names
The name given to the foals once they are born is mostly dependent on factors such as the breed and its origin. The Arabian horses are commonly given names with an Arabic descent. Even though you can name your horse almost anything, it is advised to not to name your horse with a name that is commonly used for humans. It is highly advised that the name you select should be that of another animal or a plant. For instance it would be offensive to name your Arabian horse Aisha if it is female or Ali if it is male. For instance naming your new born foal Haytham which translates to lion or Fahad which is Arabic for panther is considered appropriate.
Other commonly used Arabic names are Qahtan and Rustam. Arabic is very difficult and unlike English it follows a different set of rules when it comes to naming of foals. While in English there is no restriction on the number of words you can use to name a foal, however in Arabic there is since the use of too many words would be confusing. It is very common in English to name your foal for example Dazzling Star -  but if you did the same in Arabic it would not make sense. When the foal is named using two names such as Rustam al-Zaeem in Arabic this translates to the name of the foal being Rustam and the al-Zaeem being the stud where the foal was born.


This system of naming in Arabic is very simple and systematic as it allows the entire lineage of a foal to be traced back easily. It is recommended that adjectives are left out in the naming of Arabian foals. Common female names include Nina which is ideal for foals that are cute and tiny. When using nouns to name your Arabian foal it is essential to remember that the nouns in Arabic are gender based. At times it might be difficult to make the natural gender nouns stay in line with grammatical gender. For instance the name Mahboub in English means beloved. The word is therefore normally used on young Arabian colts. If a single letter such as an “a” is added to the noun it become Mahbouba which makes it an ideal name for an Arabian filly. Prior to naming your foal it is therefore important to ensure that the noun you have used is gender sensitive.