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Xtreme Saddlery


A convenient, one-stop distributor for all the Western saddlery needs of every horse enthusiasts, Xtreme Saddlery specializes in providing premium quality western saddles, gears, saddlery, and riding

and training products.

Xtreme Saddlery sporting goods store provides a range of quality and affordable products from saddles, girths, boots, bridles, and gullets. They also supply a wide variety of Barrel Racing supplies as well as quality handcrafted leather bridles, custom trophy saddles, reins and training products.

Xtreme Saddlery takes pride in delivering only the top quality products to its customers with a number of their products directly coming from the USA.

Xtreme Saddlery is also offering Wholesale Saddlery products. With a set minimum amount of products you purchase you can already set up a wholesale account and avail Xtreme Saddlery products at very competitive rates with free postage Australia wide. In addition to their locally made western saddles,
they also supply premium saddles that are built in the USA. For those who are looking for saddles but are unwilling to pay the price of the more expensive brand new saddles, you can also find great selections of good quality and durable second-hand saddles at Xtreme Saddlery.

To top all of these, Xtreme Saddlery also caters trades and accepts laybys.
Xtreme Saddlery is proud to provide an impressive collection of saddles, equine and leather gears coming from the best brands locally and from the USA. Some of the popular equine and orthopedic support brands which you can find when you shop at Xtreme Saddlery include:

Classic Equine
Double J Saddlery / Saddles
Iconoclast Support Boots
Martin Saddlery
Ortho Equine Boots, Saddle Pads, Girths ad Supplements
Professional's Choice Products
Shallow Creek Bits / Bridles
SRS Saddlery / Saddles

Although they are technically not a store but rather a distribution base only, Xtreme Saddlery is located at 138 Fountain Rd, Brisbane in Queensland. You can visit them for picking up your items or for viewing appointments. So, if you want to stop by their shop it is recommended that you phone or message them
first. Xtreme Saddlery is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mondays to Fridays only.

Are you looking for a trusted and excellent quality supplier of saddles? Take the time to browse at Xtreme Saddlery online shop at and get to see their wide range
of all things equestrian and saddlery collections. Their online shop is constantly updated so you can always see the list of new arrivals and products they have available. And, here’s the catch, if you can’t find the items that you are looking for, you can go ahead and shoot them a message or phone them as
they may be able to find and supply the item for you.

If you want to get more information or you want to set up an appointment with them you may reach Xtreme Saddlery at their office phone number +61 7 3888 3336. Alternatively, they have mobile numbers you can contact, 0416 256 101 or 0488 256 105. Otherwise, feel free to send them an email at