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When to use Equine Shipping Boots?

If you're transporting your horse and are concerned about their safety, we highly recommend these premium equine shipping boots. Horse transportation can be stressful, for both of you. Horses can have a difficult and unsettling time if they're loaded and unloaded and may have trouble keeping their balance in a trailer in transit. These equine shipping boots for horses are well-padded, reducing the risk of injury.

1.) ROMA - Deluxe Shipping Boots
> There's a lot of protection in a very tough boot.

2.) Horseware - Amigo Travel Boots
> Well-fitting boots in pony, cob and horse sizes.

3.) Cashel - Bandage Wraps
> For those who prefer the old-school polo wraps but with less hassle.

4.) Tough 1
> Great price for a set of full-length, extended boots.

5.) Weaver Leather
> A solid choice for a good set of traveling boots.

When deciding do try equine shipping boots, you might also consider some points on getting an equine shipping boot. Your equine shipping boots should fit the horse well and put them on properly. You better ask your vet on your first try and keep practicing and forgo shipping bandages for now.

Also, consider the weather, you may have hot weather today and still you want to use the equine shipping boots, your horse going to be even hotter under that boots or wraps.

Last but not least, you should know the material used on your equine shipping boots. As those shoes that have bars, trailers or a bigger fit can injure both the horse wearing them as well as a travel companion on the other side of a partial partition