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Tasmanian Horse Transport

When searching for a horse transport service, as an owner and a rider, we knew the struggle to get or just to look for a quality horse transport service for our horse. We know exactly that feeling, so we are here to introduce Tasmanian Horse Transport, one of Australia's leading horse transport.

You'll definitely love their Tasmanian Horse Transport's website as they package all the services they have on their landing page. You can also believe in their sayings, "You can trust the best" cause they actually are! You can also go to their website to know the travel schedule and contact for any quote with no hidden fees.

You can go to Tasmanian Horse Transport here: and experience their outstanding service.

Tasmanian Horse Transport is one of the horse transport company that only uses the latest and safest vehicles and technologies when it comes to transporting your horse. You will definitely love Tasmanian Horse Transport's trailers and trucks. Tasmanian Horse Transport caters throughout Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and up to Brisbane in Queensland.

Tasmanian Horse Transport has been doing their transporting business through Australia's Eastern states since 1990 and Tasmanian Horse Transport currently has a staff of 6 with 4 professional drivers. Tasmanian Horse Transport located in Latrobe, Tasmania has a specialty when it comes to transporting horses through the route from Hobart to Brisbane.

When it comes to the trucks and trailers, Tasmanian Horse Transport has 3 quality well-maintained vehicles and that includes their very own Western Star. Tasmanian Horse Transport's Western Star is really a magnificent transporting vehicle aside from it can fit 16 Horse Capacity, Western Star has Large Adjustable Bays, Automatic Waterers, Advanced Ventilation and many more! Tasmanian Horse Transport also has 2 remaining vehicles that have a small capacity. Their vehicles include cameras that can look for your horse while you're away with them.

Tasmanian Horse Transport has a great experience when it comes to customer service, they pride their self with lots of positive feedback from their customer. Let me add that
Tasmanian Horse Transport is also owned and operated by mother and daughter team Ginette and Hayley Sheehan which are known as good riders.