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Starting a Horse Transport Business


When starting a horse transport business you need to be considered everything. It can be a fulfilling way to turn your love of driving and horses into an income-generating occupation. Basic knowledge of horses and their care is key to your success. If you don’t have much experience with horses, you should find a horse professional to teach you basic horse care before embarking on this journey. Your knowledge will help horse owners entrust their animals to you. Some significant investments are required to start this business, including trucks and horse trailers.

All of the horse transport business are responsible for safely shipping horses from one location to another. An entry level business can be started with just a single truck, trailer, and driver. This is a great solo business opportunity for an individual with solid horse skills and the ability to travel extensively.

If you want to start a horse transport business, you need to form the business itself.

The first step when establishing your horse transportation business is to determine whether you will operate as a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership. There are tax and liability advantages associated with each type of business, so you should consult an advisor to see what will work best for your business.

Develop written policies regarding how horses will be handled, what will happen if a horse is injured, how clients will be notified about transportation status and how client complaints will be handled. Create clear written policies for any issues that may arise and make all clients aware of the written policies.

You will also need to look into acquiring permits, licenses, special liability insurance policies, or any other documentation required by the city, state, or local regulatory agencies.

As starting a horse transport business, you need to be ready to own a truck, a trailer, a fleet or all of them. A new vehicle or equipment can an additional expense for those starters that has no such equipment, but it is critical for success in this business.

Obtain financing for start-up costs, including trucks, horse trailers, travel expenses, employee salaries, fuel, food, lodging, license fees, and insurance premiums. Show your business plan and marketing plan to anyone you seek financing from.

Successful horse transportation companies make customer service their first priority. Horse owners are usually very concerned about the safety of their animals during transport. As a result, your business model needs to emphasize resources and policies that create a high level of animal care and safety.

In the horse transportation industry, professional drivers must also be experienced horsemen who are capable of caring for their cargo in transit. It's nice to offer prospects photos of your equipment, but more often than not it's the quality of your drivers and transportation procedures that will convert them to customers.

To be really successful, you need to have characteristics of a Good Horse Transportation Company Business Plan.

Looking for a one-size-fits-all business plan? Good luck. . . because it doesn't exist. But if it's done right, your horse transportation business's plan should contain a handful of sound business plan elements:

- Mission Statement – A foundational statement of your company's direction and strategy.
- Goals & Objectives – The end results of your company's business activities.
- Financial, Marketing & Action Plans – Specific plans that describe your business environment, demographic targets and quantitative estimates.

You should also advertise yourself so everyone can have an interest in you. When starting a horse transport business, you might want to get involved with some other horse transport company owners to gain techniques or clients by referral.