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Southern Cross Saddlery


The bond between horse and rider is special and unique. Southern Cross Saddlery has thrived by strengthening this bond through high-quality equipment and friendly service.

We’re going to look at some of the things that make this business special, such as the high-quality services and the convenient location.

Let’s start by examining the high-quality services offered by Southern Cross Saddlery. This company offers handmade leather saddles, made by experienced craftspeople. When a saddle is handmade, care is placed into every aspect of the design to create the best possible experience for the rider. At
Southern Cross Saddlery the equipment is designed to be both functional and look stylish. However, not all customers have the budget to afford a new handmade saddle. For this reason, Southern Cross Saddlery offers a wide range of pre-loved saddles. These saddles can come from high-quality brands
or there might even by Southern Cross saddles that were traded in by their owners to purchase a newer saddle. Some owners however, might love their existing saddle and just require a few repairs, which is why Southern Cross Saddlery offers a repair service. Finally, they also stock a wide range of
high-quality; Bridles, Halters, Reins and other accessories. Now that we know about the broad options of handmade saddles and other excellent riding equipment offered by Southern Cross Saddlery we can examine how customers can purchase this equipment.

The Southern Cross Saddlery merchandise is high-quality and often made by hand to deliver a well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing product. Customers can inspect these gorgeous saddles by heading into the store, located on 12 Commercial Drive in Caboolture, Queensland. The store is open
from Monday to Friday at the convenient times of 7:30 am to 4 o’clock pm. While the store is closed on the weekends, customers can still peruse the wide array of equestrian merchandise and purchase items on the website at: To get into
contact with of the friendly staff members from Southern Cross Saddlery, you can call them on (07)5428 2278. Now that we understand a little more about the business side of Southern Cross Saddlery and how you can view and purchase the high-quality handmade saddles that they produce, let’s look a little closer at some of the positive benefits this organisation provides to the community.

While Southern Cross Saddlery is dedicated to crafting excellent equestrian products, they also love to support the community, helping horse loving organisations in the area thrive. They have donated
money and prizes to support a wide range of charities in the local area, helping these equestrian clubs receive much-needed funding. Some of the clubs supported by Southern Cross Saddlery include; the Brisbane Regional Appaloosa Club, the Burpengary Pony Club, the Caboolture Trail
Horse Club, the National Rodeo Queen Quest of Australia and Youth Works Incorporated, along with many other local charities. By continuing to help provide support to these valuable organisation, Southern Cross Saddlery is helping build a stronger equestrian community. So, if you want some new equipment, or just to inspect the exquisite craftsmanship of their saddles, contact Southern Cross Saddlery today.