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Experience Quality with QLD Horse Transport


When returning the trailer to service, lots of people discover that the hinge or latch that has been a small sticky last season is currently virtually trapped following a long winter of collecting moisture. This is very true in coastal areas which often experience higher humidity levels. 

QLD Horse Transport is based on their 35 years of experience in horse transportation. QLD Horse Transport has a high reputation for transporting not just horses but also donkeys of all breeds. They undoubtedly provide the best care along the way.

QLD Horse Transport cargo always has a healthy experience, arriving at their destination cool, calm and sometimes a little more educated in the process.

QLD Horse Transport committed to providing truly exceptional service and giving you the best memorable experiences for all concern and that experience leads them to a worthy and high recommendation rate.


When it comes to the road and you want to feel confident about the way your horse will be handled, QLD Horse Transport has a professional owner-driver that is an experienced horse transporter. So you can be sure that you are booking with no hassle, fewer overheads, and greater ib=nvested interest. They are providing personalized service, a passion for maintaining and building a business.

Not to mentioned there service areas, QLD Horse Transport is giving your horse a great experience throughout the trip! A regular break and a Lucerne hay is included while they are resting in a well-appointed stable.

QLD Horse Transport has a 9-bay, 8-tonne, rear-load Isuzu and has excellent ventilation inside, natural light and adjustable bays. It also allows each horse to clearly see other horses on both sides.

Some of the features of the QLD Horse Transport Truck:

- Air Suspension
- Flooring covered with frequently refreshed supplies of absorbent shavings 10 cm deep
- Non-slip rubber cushioned flooring & ramps (very important)
- Surveillance cameras
- Constant flow-through ventilation

And many more!

QLD Horse Transport is always ready - come rain or shine. The truck itself is always maintained to ensure the composure of the horse throughout the trip. QLD Horse Transport is also prepared on any possible instances during the horse transport such as travel sickness, dehydration or any kind of stress. QLD Horse Transport provide a healthy, safe and comfortable experience throughout their journey!