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Markey Saddlery


Horses are a major part of Australia in both farms and sport. Only the United States have more horses in races each year and is a major spectator sport. Horses are also important in agriculture and traditional farming in the Outback. Horse riding is extremely common in this part of the country, which is why commerce for saddlery is very high. Riders want the best diverse list of goods in the best quality. They want various things and it all depends on the rider. At Markey Saddlery, they have a range of goods that will fit anyone’s needs.

Since 1976, Markey Saddlery has provided the most of Sydney’s horse trainers and jockeys plus an extensive business across Australia and across to New Zealand and other nations. Its founder, Ray Markey, is a former jockey who rode professionally for nearly 20 years and won over 500 races. Coming from a family of horse trainers and racers, Mr. Markey founded the business with his wife, Robynne, one year after being forced to retire due to injury. He quickly picked up on the saddlery business through a friend and Robynne herself was already involved in racing silks before they partnered to establish Markey Saddlery.

They have many products, over 500 of them, from ankle guards to girths, leather care to racing boots, stirrups to whips. Of course, their biggest production is the saddle and they have a really large variety. Here are some of them. Horobin, Stride Free Race, 700gm, is made from black patent leather and includes a non-slip closed cell foam which allows comfort with only minimal padding. From Japanese style saddles, the 2 kg (4lb) comes with four pockets and allows flexibility for riders to stick in small weights into the pockets keep it down and give some space for the rider’s upper legs. From the Italian company Selleria Mandarino, get a beautiful 750gm (1.5lb) saddle that is sold in black, blue, white, and gold.

Markey Saddlery also features goggles, tinted and double-lensed, and gloves that is endurable with all the elements that the Outback can provide. For the track, they have trousers, boots, and breeches that matchup for the Derby. They even have first aid kits to treat possible ailments and injuries that could come in horseback riding, plus treatment kits for the horses themselves. All of these things play the part of the essential needs of horse riding.

Markey Saddlery also makes some of their products and sell them in Australia and overseas to other nations. Come to Markey Saddlery, located at Shop 4/11 Grimson Cresent, Liverpool, NSW, 2170. Visit their website: Check out what makes them a major supplier to so many clients of horses in and around Sydney, plus to many other places who like their services. Markey Saddlery is about striving to satisfy everyone who needs the perfect good for a smooth, fast ride.