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Ladies Denim Jodhpurs

Horse enthusiasts can be found anywhere in the world - From the youngest of children to their great, great grandparents, there’s no age restrictions on loving horses and riding them. The equestrian industry has changed lots in the last 100 years and back when women were riding side-saddle, they were forced to do so wrapped in many layers of petticoats and heavy full length skirts. Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Not comfortable or practical at all! Being comfortable in the saddle is always important.

Denim has long since been the preferred material when working with animals. Whether you’re cleaning out the barn, loading or unloading bales of hay or giving your pony a much needed groom after a long ride, denim is a great choice because it is so durable and strong. Now let’s talk about denim jodhpurs.


Jodhpurs have been the gold standard of riding pants for years. They come in plenty of colours, styles and cuts but none are quite as unique as the denim jodhpurs. These wildly popular alternatives to the classic white and beige jodhpurs are durable, comfortable and stylish. Unlike regular blue jeans, these denim jodhpurs were made with the equestrian in mind. The material itself is a stretch denim. This means it hugs your body and won’t ride up or slip down while you work or ride. They come with a standard, full stretchy suede seat. If you’re wondering why the seat of your denim pants would be made with stretchy suede instead of, well, denim, then let us explain; the suede offers you a little extra grip in the saddle. The stretch in the suede offers you more movement, whether you’re boosting yourself up into the saddle, posting or leaning forward in anticipation of your next jump you’ll appreciate the extra stretch. The suede also offers you a little extra comfort in the saddle, helping you to enjoy your time on your horse just a little more, even if the trip isn’t perfectly smooth.

These lovely denim jodhpurs are offered with a mid-rise waist which makes them extremely comfortable for everyone. They even have belt loops if you’re looking to accessorize when wearing them someplace other than riding or in the barn.


Did we mention how stylish the washed denim look is? You won’t be wearing these jodhpurs in a competition ring but you will be wearing them everywhere else. Nothing looks better, or more comfortable, than a perfectly fitted, washed out pair of jeans. They also come with wonderful contrasting stitching detail, five pockets (just like a regular pair of blue jeans) and a regular zip front fly. Unlike regular jeans, these wonderful stretch denim ladies jodhpurs come with another perk in the form of velcro ankle closures. This extra little detail means you won’t have to struggle to get your feet through a tiny ankle closure while half asleep and in a hurry on your way to the stable. This also means they’ll stay put, no matter which pair of boots you’re putting them in that day. Going back to the stitching detail, these jodhpurs also feature some adorable horse motifs, which in my opinion, really brings the whole thing together in a perfect horse powered package.