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About Ktrials

Ktrials has improved once again into its new 4th Version, a combination of a program running on a computer interacting with a web site to smooth the process of the complete management of an event. This assists rider entries, score publication, event design, and scheduling. The Third Version was popular and used by many horse riding clubs, but did not have the online rider entry. This new version has that and improves all the features of before with greater flexibility and more ease of control. The KTrials manual has over 100 pages of procedures that are easy to follow when working with it.

The Start of Australia's Top Equestrian Events Website

The founder of Ktrials, Bill Penrose, never rode a horse but had a lot of experience being around them. He is a professional programmer and got involved with the start to Ktrials through his son, a horse jockey. Being involved meant learning about the scoring, the business, the small details in preparing for an event which is a lot harder than it seems. After seeing a gap in the market, Penrose created a system on his computer that simplified the process instead of doing it by hand, something that was initially and strongly rejected by the traditionalists. But it has since then improved and been accepted as part of running a horse event, a key part of the Australian horse society.

How To Use The Website

You can register for a free trial at Ktrials by requesting a free new license and download the Ktrials program and manual. Some things will be limited but the there is no restricted time span on using it. Ktrials supports users along every step of event management, will move along the required planning and details before you post the event online, and you can specify rider information necessary and classes and yards available. For rider entry, the riders can do that themselves as competitors can view and enter the event by listing all required horse information. Users can access and download the entries from the web directly into Ktrials on the computer at any time.

Ktrials will make the list of riders with the horses, special requests made, and any teammates. It will also automatically create a list of possible positions within that Class and create a calendar of competition times throughout the competition while noting any problems that can occur during the event. This plans out a Plan B for the users. When starting times are finalized, the program will send the details to all riders via email. Finally, with scoring, scorers can enter and check individual scores using multiple systems connected through the Ktrials network. This allows a number of computers to be working on scoring and placing at the same time. Once entered, the scores will be printed on placing sheets for each phase of the competition.

Ktrials is great system for those who have trouble setting up the event with many pieces of information including number of volunteers, payments, scheduling, and printed reports. It cuts out the extra time being spent and coordinates with other systems connected.

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