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Why Jodhpurs Are So Popular

For decades, jodhpurs have been a consistent staple in equestrian apparel. Many equestrians have varying opinions on whether jodhpurs or breeches are the best form of equestrian apparel, and there is also a common misconception that jodhpurs are exclusively for children riders. This could not be further from the truth; jodhpurs are a great riding apparel option for riders of all ages. While most people may imagine old-fashioned tweed pants when thinking of jodhpurs, modern jodhpur styles provide a comfortable, versatile, and stylish option for riding apparel. Continue reading for more information about jodhpurs and the wide selection that ProHorse has to offer.

The History Of Jodhpurs

Jodhpur riding pants are the modern descendant of traditional Indian trousers known as Churidar. The jodhpur riding pant received their name from the capital city of what was formerly known as Marwar. The equestrian game of Polo, which has Indian roots, saw the introduction of the jodhpur, and the pant style quickly took off and became popular with lovers of the sport. The thigh and hip region of jodhpur riding pants are flared out in order to allow for the maximum amount of movement and flexion of legs while riding. In the late 1800’s, Sir Pratap Singh, the Maharaja of Idar and the Regent of Jodhpur found that the jodhpurs that were offered for the use in playing polo seriously lacked fashionable design and functionality. He applied his ideas for what he believed the jodhpur should be and developed a more fashionable and practical version of the classic jodhpur riding pant. His new and improved version of the jodhpur riding pant was first introduced to Europe in an introduction to Queen Victoria as well as London socialites in the presentation of the fashionable and stylish Indian polo team. After their introduction, the jodhpur style riding pants quickly swept the United Kingdom in both men and women’s fashions. In the 1920’s, the jodhpur provided a modest and fashionable riding apparel option for female riders as side-saddle riding became a thing of the past. Women began looking for practical riding apparel for their new riding style, and jodhpurs provided just that. Jodhpurs became a staple in men’s everyday fashion; horses were the main source of transportation, so it only made sense that everyday apparel worked for both riding and everyday fashion. Throughout the years, jodhpurs continued to be a practical and fashionable option for individuals that needed to ride horses on a daily basis. Over the years, jodhpurs were adopted for use in sports, in the military, and even in fashion. Coco Chanel is noted as one of the first prominent figures to incorporate jodhpurs into her own personal fashion; her use of jodhpurs inspired millions of women to incorporate these stylish pants into their everyday attire as well. Modern jodhpurs, whether they be used in riding or simply in fashion, are made with comfortable, breathable fabrics that provide an enjoyable experience.

Common Misconceptions About Jodhpurs

Throughout the decades, jodhpurs have continued to be a staple in riding apparel due to their versatility, practicality, and undeniable fashion. They are a popular choice for children and young riders, as they cover the entirety of the leg and are designed to pair perfectly with shorter riding boots, which are also commonly referred to as paddock boots. Paddock boots are cheaper than tall riding boots, and therefore are more cost-effective for parents who will have to purchase multiple pairs of riding shoes for their children as they grow. It is for this reason that most young riders tend to wear jodhpurs rather than breeches. While jodhpurs are undoubtedly an excellent choice for children and young riders, this is not necessarily to say that they are not a good choice for adults as well. Jodhpurs are an excellent option for riders who prefer a more widely-flared riding pant, which allows for a greater range of motion. Unlike breeches, they fall lower on the leg and cover the entirety of the leg. This caters to riders who prefer to wear short paddock boots, or those who prefer to wear paddock boots with half-chaps. They also coincidentally make a fabulous fashion statement, and are available for purchase from large fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren.


ProHorse’s Wide Selection Of Jodhpurs


We currently offers a wide variety of jodhpur riding pants in different styles, sizes, and colours that truly have something to offer for everyone, no matter their preferred discipline or riding style. You can rest assured that you can find exactly what you are looking for on the ProHorse website; the ProHorse site currently carries an impressive selection of fashionable and trendy jodhpurs that are sure to flatter your body and turn heads all while simultaneously elevating your riding experience by providing support, grip, and mobility. The newest and hottest trend in riding pants at the moment is “active wear” jodhpurs, which closely contour the body in an extremely flattering way while simultaneously providing support and grip where it is needed most. Active jodhpurs are offered in fashionable colors such as navy, black, white, and tan. Many jodhpurs also offer a gel-gripped seat, which provides a substantial amount of security and support while riding, allowing the rider to maintain a balanced seat in the saddle. The modern jodhpur has come a long way from the traditional tweed jodhpur, providing a flattering and practical solution that complement any riding outfit.


ProHorse is proud to offer a wide selection of trendy activewear jodhpurs. Here at ProHorse, we believe that It is time that we break past the conception that jodhpurs are a riding pant style made specifically for children; modern jodhpurs are available in a wide variety of fashionable and practical styles for both men and women that provide a stylish yet useful piece of equestrian apparel that greatly improves the riding experience. Browse ProHorse’s wide selection of trendy jodhpurs here to add some serious style to your riding wardrobe by clicking here.