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Horses For Sale

There are many different places out there in there that have horses for sale. From stallions to ponies, there is no short supply of horses that are being put up for sale. While the overall reason behind them being sold varies, today we want to be focusing on specific areas where you can find horses for sale, but also at affordable prices.


Online Sale Websites:

The main horse sale website in australia is They are the market leader for online horse sales and have thousands of adverts up.

The second site for horses for sale in Australia is which sells not only horses but floats and trucks too. The prices for the horses can range widely with some under $1,000 if they’re younger while stallions are going to be pushing $10,000 or more. On the front page there is also a category section which helps you find the horse you are looking for if you’re looking for a certain breed of horse.

The third site you can consider looking at is It is one if Australia’s top equine sites and for good reason: it’s good for those who are looking for horses for sale as well as people to sell their horses. As a buyer, the front page shows a few featured horses but also provides the distinct categories of horses right there as well. They’re not categorised in breed like Top Horse, however this is a site that’s great for beginners who are looking for a horse that fits their needs. Also this site is more centralised around horses as they provide equipment, supplements, and feed amongst other items for horses.

The last site that we recommend is In short, it’s a search engine but evolving around horses. Not only that but you can also search for transport, saddlery and property as well. This is also good for beginners or with people on a budget since you can search for specific price points, where the horse is located as well as discipline, sex, and breed of horse. This is ideal if you know what you want or you are looking for ideas as you can leave it open ended by putting little information.


There are many magazines out there that talk about horses and these are great ways to bring up the fact you are selling a horse. While some magazines may not have direct platforms to facilitate that, many magazines have groups where you can discuss those things. Whether you are looking to sell or to buy horses, this is another good way to go about it.

The first magazine you want to consider is It is the site to be on if you are looking for horses or information on horses. Whether it’s horses for sale or you want to do some more research in care, this is a good place to consider. The Horse Magazine doesn’t have a specific directory for selling horses which means for us buyers it can be difficult to find a place that provides that directly they do have a facebook page and twitter page for you to reach out to.

Moving along you have a proper magazine in the form of Horsewyse. You can get a subscription from them through their site at The only catch is that the magazine is geared more towards younger audiences as they focus on fun and colourful articles. That being said, they have gotten an older audience for those looking for coverage of some events as well as the how to columns that are produced. While the magazine may not provide direct places for you to buy a horse or find a horse for sale, it still is worth noting the quality of information that’s provided. Not to mention communities are a great source for finding people who are buying or selling horses.

Through Contacts/Friends:

Another way of finding your new dream horse is by reaching out to friends and acquaintances. Obviously not all of them are going to be enthusiastic horse lovers, but they can still be a good point of contact nevertheless. People are always selling something and if your friend lives near a place where the owner has a horse or two, then you may be in luck in finding a horse for sale.

At the same time, those business mentioned above often have communities on social media. These groups are great places for you to leverage because you can talk to other people and make connections. This is vital because as you may have figured out, that person knows other people who may know others that have horses for sale. They may not be interested in horses, but people always see things and may end up talking to someone who is looking to sell a horse.

Facebook Groups:

The last place you can consider is Facebook groups. Almost all Australian states have a facebook group for local horse sales. Generally speaking you won’t be finding the broad “yard sale” type of groups to be selling horses. That being said looking on facebook for horses for sale or in general horse fan clubs will have greater odds of having horses for sale.

Again this comes back to being in contact with others who know others who may have horses for sale or they themselves are selling horses. All that being said, you would have much better odds going to some of the websites mentioned above as they are geared towards having horses for sale. Not only that but they do have pages in which you can reach out to.