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Horse Tack International


 Our Horse tack ships International. Prohorse is a leading retailer and producer of a variety of equestrian products that including saddles, saddle pads, lead, reins, nylon halters breastplates, rugs bridles and leather halters. We sell all of these products in local and foreign markets all across the world. We have developed relations with leather producers and actively use Italian, German and English leather. The products are mass-produced but we also develop products that are tailor-made and can be reproduced according to the specifications of the punter at an extra cost. The team invoked in the design, research and development and the wholesome production of the products are well experienced and well trained. We tap into talent from all across Europe and only use the best brains we can be able to access in the sector. The team ensures that all effort is put into producing the best products that are excellent and satisfy all the high standards that the customers want us to maintain. We have extremely high standards of artisanship. Our underlying mission is to simply develop the best products we can be able to provide, by ensuring we are ever improving on our standards and thus maintaining our stance as the best one stop shop for horse gear across the world. The delivery is also done within a time bound schedule and this ensures we are able to stick to the general plan of the firm. We never lower the quality for any particular reason and always seek to provide the best in all products. Our customers are fully satisfied we the products we sell to them throughout the year. We wholly believe in service and quality in all of our products. Ou core competencies include manufacturing, exporting genuine leather, leather halters and the finest quality of saddles. Whether you are prepping for a long haul jump, a horse show, a horse camp, a rodeo, a polo camp or a simple ride for leisure, we certainly are the people to work with. We have all the supplies, tools and equipment that you need to go out there and enjoy yourselves. Ou selection of horse tacks are well known across the world, well used all across the world for various purposes including, and not limited to driving, riding and racing. Our line of products boasts for having the finest and best quality all across the world. With the array of products we provide and the quality, we promise we have attracted a great set of loyal customers who have be with us through thick and thin ever since we set on this path. Our passion is all about horses and tacks. The products selected are all varied in their quality and greatly to be desired by all and sundry. We certainly are the leading producers of saddles, bridles and horse tacks.