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Horse Tack

Our horse tack shop is a one stop shop online for horse enthusiasts and riders. Having the right horse equipment is the first step to ensuring staying safe when dealing with horses. We aim to provide you with the highest quality horse tack to keep you and your horse kitted out at all times.

You really can not overstate the value of a proper saddle. ProHorse offers a wide arrange of saddles. Consider the top of the line Ascot Crossover Jump Saddle. Competitively priced with the added value of free shipping, this saddle is offering forward cut monoflaps, fully adjustable tree, and wood filled panels. This saddle was designed with Olympic Medalist Sonja Johnson and is a great example of how ProHorse is bringing a line of gear that is leading the sport.


We supply horse tack for most disciplines. We stock a very lightweight synthetic race saddle that may give you the edge you and your partner need. The Enforcer Race Saddle weighing in at a minimal 340 grams. When your racing the horse tack shouldn’t be weighing you down. The new age materials are extremely durable without the upkeep required of its leather counterparts. Designed with a flexible and moulded saddle tree and reinforced stirrup slots this saddle is leading the pack.


While you are at it, you should spoil yourself with a more luxurious side of horse tack. The Heritage Performance Performance Gloves will increase the pleasure of every riding and training session by giving you the comfort and control you need. There are elastic cuffs with adjustable straps to keep this glove with durable man-made materials snug and in place during even the most exciting rides. It’s great to have a glove that works well with the reigns and your smartphone with the touch-sensitive fingertips. Try not to tweet and ride!


Be sure to add the Woolen Horse Combo to prepare your horse for the colder months. The design is sleek enough to wear out for any occasion but the all wool material is practical for everyday stable use as well. The Combo will prepare you for all weather conditions. Keeping your horses warm in winter with this, or one of the other fashionable and durable rugs and combos available online, will ensure your horse is properly cared for and ready to ride all year round.


If you really want to spoil your horse there is one horse rug that has to be considered. The Magnetic Horse Rug by Veredus is exactly what your horse needs after a vigorous ride. With thirty-two magnets producing 2400 gauss each this rub will increase circulation which brings on a myriad of health benefits that will keep your horse happy and healthy for a long time. The magnets are specially located to prime muscles for top performance and to minimise swelling after the ride is done.

We stock over 1000 products. We have everything you need to spoil yourself and your horse and get the right equipment to have safe, high performing and fun rides every time. Checkout some of our testimonials here.