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Handmade Bridles Australia

Handmade bridles differ themselves from manufactured bridles as the detailing in the stitching, glue and material is superior. We stock a range of handmade bridles sold throughout Australia. The number one seller is the Handmade Multi bridle as pictured below. With an anatomic shaped neckpiece, browband and noseband, it is very popular and used by riders in a range of disciplines including training of young horses, trail rides, showjumping, eventing, dressage, showing etc. It is a multi discipline handmade bridle made of quality leather.

(It is currently on sale you can find it here).


Another brand that we stock with handmade bridles Australia is Jeremy & lord. All of their bridles are handmade, hand sewn and hand stitched. They mainly manufacture english bridles, one of their more popular designs can be viewed below.


 This design is popular in the dressage ring and is simple and clean in its design.

All of our handmade bridle range can be viewed here.