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Buckskin Registry

The buckskin registry in Australia is managed by the Dilutes Australia organisation. Dilutes is a studbook and non-studbook for both buckskin horses and smoky black horses. To register a buckskin horse with dilutes, you need to be a member of the association.

What is a buckskin horse?

Buckskin is a colour of a horse, not a breed which people tend to misunderstand. A buckskin horse is a yellowish golden looking horse with a dark mane. Not to be mixed up with a palomino horse, which is yellow looking with a light mane. It is seen as a very attractive colour of a horse as it is quite unusual and striking looking. The below horse is our mascot Elton. He is a mix between quarter horse, arabian and stock horse. He is more of a cream buckskin horse as he is very light. You can checkout his instagram here.


Acceptable colours for the buckskin registry 

Brown Buckskin

A brown buckskin can sometimes be mistaken for a bay horse by the untrained eye. It is the darkest shade in the buckskin family, and the colour almost looks a bit dirty and sooty.

Burnt Buckskin

A burnt buckskin is slightly lighter than a brown buckskin. Their legs are darker than their body which is not the case for the brown buckskins. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if a colour is a burnt buckskin as it is often mistaken for other recognised horse colours.

 Standard Buckskin

A standard buckskin has got a more 'burnt' yellow look than the cream buckskin. Also with dark mane, tails and legs. 

Golden Buckskin

 As its name suggests, this is a golden coated horse. It is slightly darker than the standard and cream buckskin and can sometimes look a bit bay to people. However it doesn't carry the red undertone that bays do which separates it from it.

Smoky Black

Also known as a black buckskin. This is the darkest of all buckskins and it has more redness than the lighter shades of buckskin. It is very similar to a dark roan horse. The mane tail and legs can be the same colour or sometimes a bit red-ish looking.

Cream Buckskin

This is a very pale cream like colour with dark legs and mane/tail as seen in the picture below.