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Bonnetts Saddlery


Proud of its long-standing heritage, Bonetts Saddlery stands as Australia’s oldest saddlery and the 14th oldest business in Australia. As the oldest saddlery in Australia, Bonnetts Saddlery has proven their ability to adapt and assist the equestrian community for over 100 years.  

Bonnetts Saddlery is a family owned business that began in 1843 by Edward Albert Bonnett, shortly after the first settlement in Adelaide. Jumping to the 21st century, today Bonnetts Saddlery is still owned by the same family and is operated by two of Bonnetts great great grandsons.

Ever since 1843, Bonnetts Saddlery has positioned themselves as the providers of “the best equestrian products around the world” and strive to provide excellent customer service for riders at any age and at any stage in their riding career.

Bonnetts Saddlery, are confident that they can continue to keep adapting and supporting the equestrian community for the next 100 years, too. Supporting the equestrian industry is their top priority and they boast a wide selection of products for rider, equine, and your other pets!

They carry top riding gear featuring brands like Ferrari, Huntington, Grainge, which are perfect for experienced and competitive riders; however, they also carry brands like Academy that are economical and practical and offer starter saddles and supplies for novice riders.

For days spent in the stables, at home, or out with friends they also carry casual clothing that is comfortable and stylish.

Looking for the perfect fit of a new saddle or are you uncomfortable with the fit of your current saddle? Receive a professional saddle fitting consultation with our accredited Bonnetts Saddle Fitters. With Bonnetts qualified saddle fitters you’ll receive expertise that is vital to the comfort for you and your horse.

To keep your equine in pristine condition and comfortable we provide premium grooming, healthcare, and protection products. They carry everything from boots, horse rugs, bandages, fly protection and more.

Not only is your horse the most important animal in your heart, they realize that you may have other critters at your stables or farms. For the rest of your furry friends they carry numerous supplies for your sheep, dog, and even alpaca!  


The store, head office, and manufacturing facility are located at 125 Portrush Road, Evandale in Adelaide, Australia.

The retail store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We are closed on Sunday but our online store is always open for your shopping needs.       


They can be reached by phone and email at  61 1800 621 843 and respectively. You can follow them on social media pages Facebook  and Twitter where you can contact them if you would like to make an order, have an enquiry, see their posts and highlights, or just want to chat.

You can check out their eBay store, too!