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Akhal Teke Buckskin

What is an Akhal Teke?

An akhal teke is a breed of a horse. It originates from Turkmenistan, and is commonly referred to as 'the most beautiful horse breed in the world'. It is one of the worlds oldest horse breeds. The breed has grown in popularity by more than 1000% in 2018 because of a recent viral picture of a palomino akhal teke. Despite their popularity, there are only about 3000 akhal teke horses around the world. They are fine boned and not as 'chunky' as western horse breeds.

What is a buckskin?

A buckskin horse is refered to the golden/yellow colour of the horse, it is not a breed. The horse is the picture below is a cream buckskin horse. The colour has got dark or black tail and mane and a yellowish body colour.


Origins of the Akhal Teke Buckskin Horse

The buckskin colour is common amongst the akhal teke breed. The below video is showing an akhal teke buckskin and akhal teke cremello horse playing in the paddock.


Where to find them

As mentioned above, akhal teke horses originates from Turkmenistan. However because of the increasing popularity worldwide, more and more people are choosing to start breeding studs for the breed. There are currently around 700 Akhal teke horses in North America. if you are looking to buy one, your best bet is to contact one of the biggest akhal teke breeding studs worldwide to see if they have any available, or put you in contact with anyone who do.