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Agisting a Horse

Agisting a horse

If you want to own a horse and do not have a place that is a suitable lodging for it you don't need to not worry. As you may be aware, most people who owns horses do not actually own the places that they keep them. Rather than putting the horse on your farm or ranch as the horse owner there are two other ways through which one can keep their horse safe. Agisting or spelling are the two common methods that majority of horse owners use to keep their horses. Agisting a horse will require the use of agistment agreements between the horse owner and the property owner. Agistment can therefore be defined as the process through which a `horse is taken in by the Property Owner and they agree to take care of it at a certain fee that will be charged on the horse owner over a particular duration of time.

Agistment agreements

The agistment agreements or contract are the specific terms of agreement that bind the horse owner and the bailee. The agistment agreements contain the specific particulars of the process of agisting the horse such as the amount of money charged for a particular duration of time, the services rendered to the horse during the stay, the type of paddock where the horse will stay etc. services such as horse washing, paddock cleaning, feeding and training are necessary tasks which will be rendered to the horse and the cost of performing then can be included in the rate charged or they can be charged separately depending on the agistment facility. Agistment facilities will therefore require having several trained personnel working there depending on the number of horses accommodated to handle all the tasks required competently. Activities such as feeding will be done severally in the course of the day while tasks like cleaning the paddocks will be done at least once in the course of the day.

Most agistment facilities have both the private paddocks and shared paddocks. In the private paddocks are made for individual horse to be kept while in the shared paddock several horses are kept in one paddock. The private paddocks tend to be a bit smaller in size and costly as compared to shared paddocks which are larger and less expensive. Since several horses will be held at the same facility vaccination is a must for all horses to prevent the spread of diseases.