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Guide - How to clip your horse

Our Guide to a Professional Horse Clip
Photo Credit: Hippson
1) The horse's coat
Make sure your horse is dry and clean before you start, to avoid damaging your machine,

2) Desenentising your horse
It is a good idea for you to desensitise your horse before you start clipping with the machine. Walk up to the horse with the machine turned off and let the horse have a look and drag the chord over its back and around on the floor with lots of pats and encouragements.

3) Turn the clipper on before
Allow your horse to get used to the sound of the machine before you start clipping. If the horse is extra sensitive you can try to put cotton balls in its ears as its usually the noise that is the issue. We recommend this clipper for a full body clip.

4) Start with a brush
Walk up to your horse with the machine turned on and start brushing your horse with a normal body brush. This will allow the horse to relax and it won't be a big change from slowly changing the brush to the machine stroking the horse instead. 

5) Clip in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair
Make sure you clip in the opposite direction of how you brush the horse to get the best results. Use your brush in between to take off excessive hair.

6) Clipping under the belly
Hold one hand on top of the horses back when you clip under the belly to be prepared if it reacts to something. It is an awkard position to stand in and you can easily be pushed over if your horse jumps to the side. It is also a good idea to wear a helmet when clipping extra sensitive horses.

7) Accessing all areas on the body
Some areas can be quite tricky to reach. Get a friend to lift your horse's front leg when you clip between the front legs to allow the skin to flatten. Be very careful to not cut the horse. This clipper is recommended for the difficult areas to reach.

8) Take small breaks
Make sure you check the temperture of the machine every 5 minutes as they can easily overheat, especially the smaller clippers. If the blades heat up turn the machine off and give your horse a break. While waiting you can oil the blades and even put them in the fridge to allow them to cool down faster.

9) Inspect your horse once done
Make sure you take your time to inspect your horse for any uneven parts or small cuts afterwards. 

10) Clean the Machine
Cleaning the machine afterwards will significantly increase the life of the machine and he blades. Make sure you oil the blades again afterwards.