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11 Most Popular Horse Breeds


Originally from England bred around the 1700 hundreds. The goal for the breed was to get as fast horse as possible, and it is known as on of the fastest breeds in the world today. It is mostly used in horse racing but people have also started using it in Eventing and showjumping. They tend to be between 155 and 165cm, and are often brown, chestnut, black or grey. The breed is unique in its way that it is bred for performance (not look).

Arabian Horse

The arabian horse is developed and breed for its exterior and is very fine built usually referred to as elegant and beautiful. Its gaits are flowing and free moving. The arabian horse tend to grow older than other horse breeds. It is very popular all over the world because of its look but also used in western ridining. Its got a reputation of being hot tempreed and wild, but it is actually very intelligent and suitable as a family pet. They tend to get anywhere between 145 and 161cm tall.

 Quarter Horse

 The quarter horse is mostly used in the USA and there are over 3 million quarter horses all over the world. Of all horse breeds in the world, the quarter horse is the most popular in terms of number. It is athletic, muscular and calm personality. It got its name from being the worlds fastest horse of a quartermile.

Welsh Cob

Originally bred in Wales England. It exists in all colours apart from paint. It is very popular all of the world as a family horse and is mainly used for showing. It is quite chunky built with a elegant head.

Paint Horse

The paint horse originates from America. It is known for its gorgeous colouring and sometimes bright blue eyecolour. They grow between 145 and 165 cm tall and are very popular in western riding or at ranches. They tend to be built with chunky bodies with a fine neck.


The shetland pony is known for its small size and are great as a kids family pony. The breed originates from the Shetland isles, hence its name. They range from anywhere between 71cm and 107cm. They have thick coats with a cute head and short legs. They are used in a wide range of disciplines, adults tend to use them for trick training as they are known to be very intelligent.


 The Clydesdale is one of the larger horse breeds and originates from Scotland around 1720s. They are very useful for pulling a carriage. They are a very heavy breed but are also used as riding horses. The clydesdales are popular for showing in some countries. They range anything from 165cm to 173cm.


 The standardbred is famous for its 4th gait 'pacing'. It is mainly used for trotters races. They can hold a pace around 55km/hour hence they are great for racing. They are known to be quite plain looking horses with a bay colour.


 The appaloosa is one of the most popular horse breeds because of its unique appearance. Its known for spotted colouring and thin manes. They originate from Palouse in America, hence its name 'A Palouse Horse'. It is commonly used at circuses due to its unique appearance. 


The warmblood horse is very popular for horseback riding, and is known to perform as a show jumper or dressage horse. They are atlthetic built with long legs and elegant carrying neck. They exist in most colours but mainly seen in bay, black, white or grey. 


 The andalusian horse is very powerful majestic looking with a strong neck and chunky body. They originates from South of Spain and is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Grey and bay are the most common colourings. They are mostly used for dressage or carriage driving.