Wagners-SaddleryEstablished back in 1979 and based in Australia, Wagners Saddlery has become a household name in the world of saddlery today. The Wagners saddlery is a company that provides high-end equipment for the horse and riders both, no matter what the discipline is.

It seems as if Wagners Saddlery understands how important the right fit, material, and color is when it comes to saddlery for horses and equipment for the riders. As a result of this, the company assists the buyers in taking proper measurements so that the buyers can get what they are looking for.  In the clothing line for riders, the items available for the riders includes jackets, shirts, vests, ties & stocks, breeches male, breeches female, turnout, casual jackets, and children’s Jodhpurs.

The Cannes MP happens to be the most favorite among riders that carry enthusiasm for dressage. Other than that,the jacket line contains a range of other exquisite items including Estoril, English Style tweed, Estoril Mast, Galathea Sport, Galathea, Garryowen, Monaco, Roma, Vienna, Wagners Childs, and Wagners show/dressage.

With a range of size combinations for the riding jackets and long boots, the Wagners Saddlery specializes in delivering unique value to the customers.

 As far as the riding long boots go, there is a wide range of options that one can choose from including the popular Grand Prix Plus Special, INSIGNIS, Piagge Plus, Piagge Plus Patent, Piaffe Plus Smart Clix, POLO, SALTARIS, and VARIUS.

On the other hand, the collection of short riding boots includes the Junior Turnout boots, Leather and Suede, Paddock Comfort, Pallas Sport, Paddock Sport, Patent Croc and Suede, and Tan Leather Boots. Other popular products in the riders category sold by Wagners saddlery includes Hats, Belts, Jewellery, Gloves, Boot Acc, Spurs and Straps, and Whips.

The horse products also vary widely in variety and include various categories such as bridles, brits, browbands, reins and leads, accessories, halters, saddles, saddle accessories, saddle cloths, breastplates, boots, and saddle cloths.

The Saddles line includes the popular Show Dressage saddle, Turnout Paddle, Monkey Grip, a popular Wagners Turnout.

Moreover, the reins sold by Wagners Saddlery are designed with extreme care and good grip in mind. The top products in this category include Wagner’s signature Padded Reins, Wagner’s Grip Reins, Show Leads, and Wagner’s Plaited Reins. 

Since Wagners Saddlery is a very unique store that offers one-on-one customer service, the website does not have a shopping car available. All that you have to do is to fill out an order form to let the company know about your products, and expectations and you will be contacted.

Once the order form is filled, the company representatives contact the buyers for their credit card details. At the same time, the company advises buyers to not to include their credit card details in the buyer form.

Do note that there are three separate order forms on the website which includes an order form for Custom Bridles, an order form for Jackets and breeches, and one form for custom boots. All three of these forms can be accessed via the ordering section on the Wagners Saddlery website.

Best Sellers 2021

Brown Yard Boots-Ascot EquestrianBrown Yard Boots-Ascot Equestrian
Brown Yard Boots
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Multi Bridle - Black-ProHorseMulti Bridle - Black
Multi Bridle - Black
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Brown Leather Boots-Ascot EquestrianBrown Leather Boots-Ascot Equestrian
Brown Leather Boots
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