The Heritage Saddlery started off with supplying saddlery to the Persian army back in 1971. At the same time, it also delivered saddlery to many celebrities, film-stars, and Indian Maharajas.

 Moreover, later in 1984, the company also supplied the harness, bridles, and saddles to Paramount pictures during the production of the movie King David that starred Edward Woodward and Richard Gere. Back then, the company was known as Global Saddle Co.

Today, Heritage Saddles happens to be the prime saddlery company in the United Kingdom, popular throughout the region, and in a number of other countries. The Heritage Saddlery is a company that supplies the public and the trade with some high-end English saddlery. The company has been in this business from generations, and continue to expand.

One of the many things that which the Heritage Saddlery specializes in includes awkward fit horses that include horses with high withers and big shoulders. Moreover, the company also produces products for the relatively taller riders.

The unique design of saddles that this company produces allows the horses to move freely while allowing riders with long legs the forward cut flap for jumping over disciplines.

Other awkward horses that which the company produces saddlery for includes horses with unbalanced confirmation, narrow body, wide body, no shoulders, barrel-shaped body, high/long withers, tall body, large body, long-legged riders, and no withers.

All in all, at heritage saddlery, you will find saddlery products with custom designs, suitable for horses with all types of bodies. Currently, the family business is run by Matthew who also happens to be the company saddle fitter. This is something that he has done for more than 25 years, which leaves him very experienced in what he does.

Mathew was trained by his father ever since he left school, who was involved in this business for more than 65 years until his retirement.

Today, a new Large Shoulder Ying-Yang Jump/event saddle has been developed by Matthew, for which, the patent is currently pending. One prime quality of the Large Shoulder Ying-Yang saddle is that it allows free movement through the shoulders.

Atop that, the company also delivers customized bridle and tack services for horses that have awkwardly shaped heads with an outsize or small stature. Some of the most notable products that Heritage saddlery sells includes custom made Atherstone, Humane Leather Girths, Show Bridles, Stirrup Leathers, Dressage, Weymouth Bridles, Plain Hunter Bridles, Stud Guards, and a range of other items. 

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