Founded by a passionate rider with an entrepreneurial spirit, Julie’s decision to open the Jojubi Saddlery was born out of a love for her favorite horse, a boutique Shetland, as well as her love of riding. Even more important than her love of riding was her desire to make riding a passion that is affordable and accessible to riders of all budgets. Julie’s goal was to open a Saddlery for the everyday rider by providing riding gear that was well-made, practical, and affordable. 

Julie fought her hardest but ultimately lost her battle with cancer; however, in return she gained her angel wings in 2013. Currently, Jojubi’s Saddlery is run by Julie’s sisters, AnnMaree and Trish, who believe in Julie’s dedication to making riding accessible to riders of all ages. They decided to continue Julie’s passion for the Jojubi Saddlery and decided to run the Saddlery together after Julie passed away.

Jojubi’s Saddler is an online Australian based company whose dedication to providing excellent customer service and quality products without a large price tag aims to support novice and veteran riders.

From horse to rider, Jojubi’s Saddlery offers a large variety of products to keep both rider and horse a happy pair. Their range of products are made of natural and synthetic materials.

Their range of products for your equine friends include horse rugs, halters, boots, bridles, saddle pads, leads, hay feeders, and grooming supplies. Jojubi’s Saddlery boasts a wide selection of horse rugs made of 100% cotton which helps to keep your horse cool in the summer and as well as offering flannel horse rugs to keep your horse warm and cozy during the cold winter nights. 

For grooming needs, they provide mane and tail detanglers, coat sprays, plaiting sprays, shampoo bars, as well as whitening and stain removers. These grooming products are important to keep your horse well-groomed, clean, and looking its best. One of the most popular products is Performa Ride’s horse grooming block which is the perfect tool for shedding as it effectively removes excess hair. The grooming black can also be used for removing your horse’s hair from their rugs, too.

For the rider, they offer gloves, riding vests that are reversible, belts, breeches, riding tops, and even beanies. Their selection of clothing and accessories are not only stylish, they’re also comfortable and as with all of Jojubi’s Saddlery products they are affordable. In their selection of products are Performa Ride’s limited edition bags, tights, and reversible riding vests.

Another unique selection of products comes from Dr. Cool, which is a brand that manufactures cooling compression wraps for your horse’s ultimate comfort and relaxation. For the rider, Jojubi Saddlery has a Coolcore helmet chill cap which will become your favorite accessory during the hot summer months or to help you keep your cool during competitions. 

You can email Jojubi’s Saddlery at any time and they would be delighted to answer any enquiries you have. They have a strong customer service philosophy and strive to provide positive experiences for their customers during each visit.

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