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How Much Does A Friesian Horse Cost


Friesian Horses are known for their majestic looks and dreamlike appearance. They have become increasingly popular in the last decade and are becoming more popular as a riding horse, especially amongst dressage enthusiasts. For alot of people they are known as a 'dream horse' and never buys one due to the commitment it takes and most of all the price tag.

How much does a friesian actually cost then? The truth is that you can actually get a purebred friesian horse for a very reasonable price tag ($2-3k). However this will be a friesian with bad conformation and breeding, probably a thinner/shorter mane, average paces or old or a 'problem horse'.

A decent friesian horse that is relatively young, healthy with standard conformation costs about $20,000 and up. If you are looking to get a registered breeding stallion you are looking at around $200,000.