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Horse Tack Insurance

We always recommend Horse tack insurance for any more expensive horse tack items such as saddles. Horse tack simply includes every tool that comes with having to own and work with horse. The work of having to kit out no only yourself  but also your horse can be extremely costly and an investment for life. The bridles, saddles, bits, saddles pads, lead ropes, halters, whips, horse boots are some of the simple minimums that a rider will require. Thus will be multiple if you have a number of horse and a number of riders. The tacks used will have to be appropriate for the various applications and uses that are required. The equipment will also have to be appropriately fitting without injuring or straining the horse in any manner and maintaining the security and comfort of the rider. Thus ensuring that all of this equipment is well secured and well kept is of the greatest importance. It is key to have all these things well organised and in place whenever it is not in use. The greatest shock would be to go back to your stable or place of storage only to realise that all of your equipment and tools are all gone and you have no means of replacing them in any manner. The frustration and anger that comes with such is certainly of great immensity. Making an immediate replacement is certainly most important, but this may be well-nigh impossible considering the great cost of preaching all of the equipment.


Therefore having and keeping an insurance policy for the safety of your equipment is important. Many of the insurance policies that are available for horses and their riders include the saddles and tacks and the rest of the equipment that comes with owning a horse. The saddle and tack is covered at an extra cost, but the cost is certainly worth it. It will certainly come in handy incise the equipment is lost, damaged or stolen. There is also the option of having your equipment postcode marked or even micro chipped with RFID equipment or other forms of transmitters. These will allow for easy tracking and tracing incise of theft or if they go missing. The policy will require the owner to always divulge any information that would warrant a change in the agreement terms, or incise of any loss or damage. This will allow the team to carry out brief investigations to ascertain that the matter is true before paying off the insurance policy for immediate replacement. The replacement of saddle and tack is done in the shortest span of time possible. The service charges for the insurance policy varies depending on the number of equipment to be covered and this is discussed with the customer team who advise on what is the best way to go depending on the customer’s budget. The payments can be done each month or each year deepening on the final agreement and defaulting is certainly never allowed. They payments can be done through bank transfers or through cards or cash. Some of the main horse tack insurance providers in Australia include:

1) Pet Plan

Pet plan will not only insure your horse, but also your horse tack. They are currently the market leader of horse tack insurance in Australia. You can find them here.

2) Affinity Equine Insurance

 Affinitty equine insurance will also insure your horse and your horse tack as an add on service. They accept applications online and you can get a quote in just a day for your specific needs. Check them out here.