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Horse Deals Magazine - Horses & Ponies For Sale

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Horse Deals is an equestrian magazine that provides horse sale adverts both online and through their print magazine that is distributed across Australia. They also offer information in services in a range of disciplines such as breeding, horse training & tack and general equestrian news. They are the market leader in the industry and their slogan is 'Everything Equine'. Horse Deals describe themselves as follows:
"The Team at Horse Deals are as passionate about the industry as you are. We are horse owners, competitors and breeders who live and breath horses too. We are constantly researching the latest products and trends and have years of knowledge serving Australia's largest Equine audience."

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If you ask anyone living in Australia what the top equestrian magazine in the country is, they will most likely say Horse Deals. And with good reason: it is estimated that this equestrian magazine has over one hundred thousand monthly readers, with more and more people subscribing every day.

We have looked through there archives and looked into greater detail into both the physical Horse Deals magazine as well as their official website, which also offers a wide range of services and resources regarding equestrian matters. Their slogan of “Everything Equine” truly is very appropriate, as they offer horse related services in a range of areas.

The Print Magazine

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Their Horse Deals magazine is distributed throughout Australia on a monthly basis. They offer a 6 monthly or yearly subscription, or the magazine can be purchased separately in some horse tack stores. They are available in over 2,700 newsagencies and 280 saddleries.

- 6 Month Subscription $80
- 12 Month Subscription $150

 You can also subscribe to their magazine online through the 'realviewdigital' website. Options include: buy one issue only, buy a 6 month subscription or buy a 12 month subscription. Their magazines are relatively (latest issue 284 pages) long packed with articles, horse ads, famous equestrians and much more. All you need to do is register with a username and password and then pay the subsciption fee. You can then relax and read the paper online at your own time, and it delivers instantly once a new issue comes out.

A long-standing and highly popular equestrian magazine in Australia, Horse Deals was originally owned by another smaller company before being purchased by Fairfax Media in 2008 for a whopping $21.5 million. Despite this change in ownership, they still operate out of the same headquarters, which is located in Mount Gambiers in South Australia and the staff is comprised of people who all love horses just as much as their readers; there are many horse trainers, breeders, and competitors working to make Horse Deals a truly great equestrian magazine.

The physical copy of Horse Deals is mailed out once a month, and is packed full of all sorts of great equestrian information and resources. Among the monthly content are ads for horses for sale, information on various horse breeds as well as breeding advice, resources and advice for horse training, tips for horse health, as well as information on equestrian fashion and lifestyle.

In regards to subscribing to the Horse Deals magazine, as stated there are two options for purchasing physical copies: a six month subscription for $80, and a twelve month subscription for $150. You can also choose to forego a subscription entirely and simply buy each issue of Horse Deals as it is published; copies of it are sold in many horse tack stores.

The physical copy of the Horse Deals magazine is usually well worth the price, as almost every issue is quite long and full from front to back with a comprehensive array of articles and information regarding a large variety of equestrian topics. One of the more recent issues of the magazine, for example, was almost three hundred pages long! (For comparison, this makes it even longer than some published books!)

And in addition to having a great selection of informative articles, the Horse Deals magazine also features many horse ads (both for buying and selling horses) as well advertisements and listings for horse training and boarding services. The Horse Deals magazine also features interviews with famous equestrians and articles about both past competitions and upcoming equestrian events.

Horse Deals Website

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 The Horse Deal website is mainly focused on horse sales, where the user can browse through thousands of horse sale adverts in all price ranges and breeds. They have organised their ads after popular breeds and disciplines such as: Allrounders, Australian Stock Horses, Performance, Ponies, Quarter Horse, Show Horses, Thoroughbreds and warmbloods.

Originally created over seventeen years ago in 2001, it originally functioned as one of the earliest online horse markets in the country, although the Horse Deals franchise was still primarily focusing their efforts on the printed magazine at that time.

The Horse Deals website underwent a bit of an overhaul in 2005, with the logo and tag-line changed slightly; a new business directory was added in as well. And then the website was revamped again in 2009, with an altered colored scheme and greater diversity in regards to the site’s content. Starting that year, they had a significantly larger number of both news stories and advertisements.

The website underwent another overhaul in 2013, with the new version of the site putting a stronger emphasis on the fact that they were, by then, the leader of the online horse market and the go-to resource for many prospective horse buyers.

Finally, the website underwent one last change just recently (in 2017). Now, they are proud to have the tag-line of “Everything Equine”, because they have grown to be not just a magazine or an online horse market, but a comprehensive resource for all things equestrian-related.

One the most important aspects of their website is the ability to sign up for a digital subscription of the Horse Deals magazine. Like the physical print Horse Deals magazine, you can choose to subscribe for six months or a year and the sign-up process is quite simple: all you need to do is register on the website and pay the subscription fee. After that, you will receive an all-digital version of the Horse Deals magazine once a month.

That being said, the next largest focus of the Horse Deals website after the digital magazine itself is actually the selling and buying of horses, something Horse Deals has been doing ever since they first began operation. The Horse Deals website is famous for providing thousands of horse listings, of all different breeds and prices.

For the most part, the horse adverts are organized according to breeds and disciplines. Some of the notable categories include (but are not limited to) Allrounders, Australian Stock Horses, Performance Horses, Ponies, Show Horses, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Warmbloods.

And while it might seem like a lot of work to sift through thousands of horse ads to find the perfect horse for yourself, don’t worry! The Horse Deals website also features a comprehensive search feature that allows you to customize your search in order to find the right kind of horse for you; you can filter the search results by selecting the specifics of what you’re looking for, such as gender, age, discipline, breed, as well as what your buying budget is.

The search filter for selecting a particular breed of horse is especially comprehensive, with all of the following options: American Saddlebred, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Arabian, Australian Pony, Australia Stock Horse, Brumby, Cleveland bay, Clydesdale, Coloured breeds, Connemara, Crossbreed, Donkey/Mule, Friesian, Gypsy cob, Haflinger, Irish draft, Lippizaner, Lusitano, Miniatures, Morgan, Other, Paints, Palouse, Percheron, Peruvian paso, Pintos, Ponies, Quarter horse, Riding pony, Shetland, shire, Standardbred, thoroughbred, Waler, Warmblood and Welsh.

Furthermore, both private parties and businesses can advertise and list horse ads on the Horse Deals website, making it a great resource for all equestrian sales and exchanges, regardless of whether you are part of a large equestrian organization or are simply an average horse owner.

Additionally, not only does the Horse Deals website provide the most comprehensive online selection of horse ads in all of Australia, but it also features brand new equestrian news stories every single day, making it an excellent resources for all sorts of horse-related topics and current events and sale of horse floats.

How to Navigate through the Sale Ads
One of the main benefits and functions of the horse deals ads are that you can customise the search bar to your needs by specifying exactly what horse breed you are after, discipline, age, budget, sex, state and height. The horse breeds you can select from include; American Saddlebred, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Arabian, Australian Pony, Australia Stock Horse, Brumby, Cleveland bay, Clydesdale, Coloured breeds, Connemara, Crossbreed, Donkey/Mule, Friesian, Gypsy cob, Haflinger, irish draft, Lippizaner, Lusitano, Miniatures, Morgan, Other, Paints, Palouse, Percheron, Peruvian paso, Pintos, Ponies, Quarter horse, Riding pony, shetland, stock horse, shire, Standardbred, thoroughbred, Waler, Warmblood and Welsh.

How to Advertise - Horses & Ponies For Sale
Both private people and business can advertise with Horse Deals. They are a popular tool to use when selling your horse as they have a large audience with over 90,000 unique visitors every month. 

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News & Stories
Horse Deals Magazine does not only advertise horses and tack for sale, they also share horse related news on a daily basis. You can find in depth articles in their monthly issue of their print magazine, or checkout their most recent stories here.

Horse Deals throughout the Years

Do you remember horse deals back in the days? Here is a travel through time, with what their business used to look like:

The Horse deals website was setup in 2001, this is what it looked like back then. They were still more focused at print at this stage. However they were still very early to the online market place as there was not alot of equestrian websites around in 2001. There tagline said 'Selling Australia's horses for the last 15 years". The horse adverts for sale were also the same as in the magazine.

Their website went through a big visual change between 2004 and 2005. They changed the font of their logo and the colour changed to burnt orange and a dusty dark blue. Horse Deals tag line then read "Australias Horse Trading Magazine". They also had a business directory available on their site as well as stallion breeding ads.

Horse Deals went back to the navy look between 2009 and 2012. Their website was now more diversified, with more options, ads and news.

A more modern feel to the website was brought in in 2013, they were now going for a clean white background, grey detailing and a blue logo. were now the market leader for horse sale ads and the go to place online for finding your next star.

The current horse deal website is very modern with the white logo, teal background and new tagline ' Everything Equine'. They are no longer just a magazine, they offer services in every area of the horse industry.


Horse Deals Team can be contacted on:
PH: +618 8725 4744
Address: 7 Anthony Street, Mt Gambier, South Australia, 5290
ABN 55 000 560 430