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Equestrian Australia Dressage Tests

Background Dressage Tests
Dressage tests involve the performance of predetermined moves by a horse and rider in a certain series of figures or movements. The events are usually performed in an area of about 20m by 40m  but it can also be performed in a 20m by 60m arena. The arena is usually marked, twelve marks to be precise indicating the start and finish of a series of movements. The markers are placed symmetrically. Rather than indicate the beginning and end of a particular series of movements the marks also indicate that is time to alternate, change or lead a new series of movement. The one similarity in all the various types of dressage tests conducted is that the horse has to demonstrate the three paces which include walking, trotting and cantering. The horse should illustrate smoothness, swiftness and grace while transitioning from one pace to the other. During the dressage competitions such as the Grand Prix the horse is expected to be very collected when performing moves like passage and piaffe. This year the Australia Dressage Championships will be hosted by the Victoria Boneo Park starting from the 18th of October 2018 and ending at the 21st October 2018.


EA Dressage Tests
There are several dressage tests that are included in the EA such as the senior Dressage Test, the FEI Freestyle tests, Under 25 Grand Prix Tests, FEI children, pony, junior and young Rider Tests and the FEI young horse tests. Each test is very different from the next in terms of the participants, the rules, the type of horses allowed and the principles used in judging the performance. The tests also differ depending on the intensity of the activities performed; there are advances tests, preparatory tests, medium tests, elementary tests, prelim and novice tests. Equestrian Australia recently updated their tests in 2014 and 2016. Please refer to their website for their most up to date copies.